How To Rent A Luxury Villa

Staying in a luxury villa can be a memorable experience. A family vacation to an exotic destination is more enjoyable if you stay in a comfortable property. A villa can also provide you privacy. If you find the prospect of renting a property like this attractive, you would do well to keep these points in mind when you are booking one-

1. First, choose your destination. If you are planning to book a property on a Caribbean island, research the quality and number of available luxury villas on islands you have shortlisted.

2. Regional flights and ferries can add large amounts to your vacation cost, so think about booking a villa at a destination which has a direct flight from the U.S. like Jamaica.

3. Choose a property which is affordable to rent and has the amenities you want. These could include a beachfront, golf, and availability of a butler.

4. Villa layout can be an important consideration for you, so alert your booking agent accordingly. Families with toddlers or older travelers may prefer single- level properties.

5. Affordable options may be available just before or after the peak season. Mid-December to mid-April is the high season for villas in the Caribbean, so you may halve your cost if you book before or after this period.

6. Book early in case you want a villa during holiday season. Some owners use their properties if they do not receive any bookings. Most luxury villas are booked by late summer.

7. Compare villa rent, meal, and alcohol costs with hotel and resort charges. Villas may be more affordable because you have a package deal for the entire property.

8. Look for a property which has staff with a cook and maid if you want to laze around on your holiday. The longer their tenure, the more satisfied they are likely to be with the property.

9. In case you don’t need all the bedrooms in the villa, ask if you can only pay for the ones you plan to use. You can enjoy the benefits of renting a larger property at an affordable price in that case.

10. Check if you need to stay for a minimum number of days. Also confirm the items included in your package. Ask about the charges for additional options like spa services so that you can budget for them.

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