How to Save on Catering Expenses

When planning a party or social event, hiring a caterer can be a great decision. Most caterers not only provide some delicious foods and serve it to your guests, but will also help with the set up and clean up of your event which can help you relax and enjoy visiting and socializing with the others at your party.

The biggest drawback of course with catering is the cost. Some caterers may charge a flat rate per person, ranging anywhere from $ 10-$ 35, while others may charge ala cart services depending on what items you would like. Fortunately, there are many ways you can still enjoy all the benefits of hiring a professional caterer without it becoming a huge expense.

Shop Around and Compare: Not all professional catering companies are alike. Some may have excellent food and service but come at a premium cost. Others may be very inexpensive, but also pose the risk of having poor service or provide lower quality dishes. There are however some caterers who are both inexpensive and excellent – and finding them can be easy to do when you shop around and compare. Make a list of the different features you’d like to have at your event, and then call at least 4-5 different places for a custom quote. Make sure they carefully outline what is and what is not included. Recommendations from family or friends may assist you in making a final decision.

Decide What You Can Do Easily On Your Own: There are many things you can do on your own to help reduce costs. Many people may decide to make their own appetizers, desserts, or side dishes to be served along with the catered meal. Perhaps you would rather set up a self serve bar with different beverages available instead of having someone else serve drinks. Maybe you don’t mind setting up, but would really appreciate the extra help of cleaning up. Realistically thinking about what you can do yourself easily can help you trim down on services you need the caterer to do.

Choose the Right Foods: Many foods are naturally more expensive than others. For example, serving shrimp kabobs would be much more expensive than serving a pasta based dish or chicken. If there is something you absolutely must have or want, then you may want to make different decisions on other aspects such as appetizers or desserts. Your guests will likely be just as happy with one or two gourmet foods and a few ordinary dishes as they would be if it were all unusual or exotic delicacies.

Hosting a party or event should be as fun and stress free as possible. Hiring a catering company can greatly reduce the amount of stress you would have if you prepared and served everything yourself. By following some of these tips in this article, you’ll be even happier that you were able to save money as well.