How to Select a Niche and Product

The first thing in selecting a Niche or a Product is to brainstorm. You can’t just make money off of affiliate network products just because you see others making money. It doesn’t work like that, yes it raises your hopes and motivates you. If you are new to Internet marketing and trying to make money, you need to learn some things.

First off let’s discuss content. Your content needs to be unique and you should never plagiarize. You can get banned from Google, a lawsuit filed against you and things that are worse. You need to always write about something that you know a lot about. Make sure you can write about it if you wanted a few years later. I write about web design, search engine optimization and things related because I have been doing so for years. I designed my first website about 10 years ago.. I feel old. Hehe. But make sure what you are write about is something that you love to do or something that interests you. Just make sure your content is unique and try to urge visitors to join the discussion and give their opinions.

The bottom line is to make sure that your are starting a blog or a website on something that you love and that interests you. Make sure it isn’t something that is just a phase because well, in the long run it will grow old and you will move onto something else, which most bloggers do and it will be a lost cause. Always remember that you have to STICK TO IT because in the long run you will be successful in achieving your goal. Your website will grow and you will end up making money.

How do I make money though?

There are many ways to do this with a popular blog or website. Apply for some Affiliate Networks like ,, NeverBlue and the list goes on. You can also try Chitika and Google AdSense. You can promote products through writing articles about them, put up text ads or banners and etc.. Make sure you choose something that is either related or semi related to your blog or a certain category. Here are some methods.

* Affiliate Networks
* Google
* Giving out paid advertising space
* Starting a store for your website
* Starting a small Affiliate Network yourself where sites pay to join and you basically give them exposure across your network in which they join and it builds up. You can also have your ads even placed on their websites in exchange for the traffic that you are having sent their way.
* Offering free hosting and having your ads placed on their websites

And there are plenty more ways to do this.

Any questions?

You may contact me or just simply visit my website.