How to Shake the Winter Blues by Raising and Breeding Guppies for Fun and Profit

Breeding guppies is easy to do, and it’s also very enjoyable. Once you start breeding guppies you can sell them to fish stores, or even to pet shops that sell live bait, or give them away to friends and family. To get started you need two aquariums, two 10 gallon tanks will do just fine. One of the first things you want to do is select a couple pairs of high quality guppies to breed, most of the guppies sold in fish stores are what is know as low quality stock, and they are not very hardy and good for breeding, if you cannot afford or do not want to buy high quality breeding guppies, these will do fine. You can buy high quality breeding guppies online or from reputable fish dealers that sell stock fish.

Start by having both aquariums set up and running, with an average water temperature range of 73 to 78 degrees. You will need to purchase a heater for both aquariums to maintain the water temperatures. Both tanks can be decorated with live or artificial plants and any other decorations that you want. Place your adult guppies into one of the tanks, and feed and care for them as usual.

Nature will take over and your guppies will breed quite soon, the females will have anywhere’s from 15 to 30 babies, they are born live and start swimming around and hunting for food right away. Once the babies are born, you must remove the adults and place them into the other tank, or remove the babies and transfer them to the other tank, because the adults will rapidly eat the young as food. When the babies get larger you can place all of the fish together in the main tank whey they will get along just fine.

Guppies breed quite often, in fact every month the females will have a new batch of babies. If you keep separating any babies from the adults, until they are of good size, then mixing them back together, you will soon have a tank full of guppies in no time. You may even wish to get more tanks in time, to help with the breeding and separation. Fish stores sell the fine food that the babies will need to eat, until they are large enough for the normal guppie food. Raising and breeding guppies is very enjoyable, it’s also a great way to help shake the winter blues.

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