How to Shift Stubborn Fat

Many of us have tried for years to lose weight without any real success. We may even end up getting to the point where we have given up on trying to lose weight at all. Although there may be some medical reasons why you might be having a difficult time losing weight, you would be surprised to learn that many of us can’t lose weight because we are simply going about it in the wrong way. Here is some ideas about healthy living and how to finally win the weight loss fight.

Let’s just go back 100 years or so and think about what life was like then. Your great-grandfather got up early and labored in the fields or chopped firewood all day, all by hand (no machinery to help). Meanwhile your great-grandmother also got up early to cook a hearty breakfast, milked the cow, fed the pigs and the hens, collected the eggs, did the laundry by hand (in a copper that had to be lit beforehand), worked the vegetable garden, brought in the fire wood, cooked and cleaned a sewed all day every day. There was no convenience food at all and things like ice cream or lemonade were a twice a year treat. No wonder they weren’t fat!

Now think about today. We get out of bed and SIT to have breakfast. Then we walk to the car and SIT in it to drive to work. Then we walk into the office and SIT there all day. We then walk back to the car and SIT in it to drive home, then SIT to eat dinner and then SIT watching TV or a DVD. On top of that we stuff ourselves with convenience foods and wonder why we are overweight or obese.

Obviously, from the above, we can easily see that getting more exercise is one of the essentials to getting our weight under control. A half hour walk each day would be just marvelous, but an hour would be better. Joining a gym is a good idea too.

Another way to lose weight if you are having a difficult time is to get your body into a healthy condition by eating the right foods and avoiding junk food. Junk food is anything processed in any way and the list is endless. It includes bacon, anything pre-prepared and packaged (like heat-and-eat meals such as lasagna), almost all takeaways (especially fries or anything else cooked in fat), chippies (and most other nibbles), everything from the bakery, hamburgers and similar, all sweets, ice cream and confectionery, jams and marmalade and all soft drinks, especially Coca Cola.

Many of these foods aren’t made of what you think they are either. For example, many fries aren’t made of potatoes any more (now that surprised you, didn’t it!) but are made of paste which is cheaper and easier to use, so you are even denied the goodness of potatoes.

There are all sorts of ‘nasties’ you will find in all these foods that are bad for your health and your waistline, which include: preservatives; sodium; food coloring; chemicals added to make the product ‘look’ better; chemicals added to make the food age slower and last longer; loads of the wrong sort of fats; and worst of all, sugar.

Sugar is the scourge of our modern diet and is the biggest contributor to weight gain of all the foods mentioned above, especially in children. Most soft drinks and Coca Cola in particular are loaded with sugar. Coke is also loaded with caffeine which is bad for you. A 375 ml can of Coke contains THIRTEEN TEASPOONS of sugar! Watch those jams too, they contain anything from 50% to 66% sugar.

All these things keep your body in a permanent unhealthy state. Your body uses fat as a safe place to store all these chemicals and poisons, and there is impossible for your body will relinquish this safe store house while new ‘nasties’ continue to enter your body; in fact, your body needs to lay down more fat continually to store the incoming toxins.

So next time you go into a takeaway and order a hamburger (which is on the “bad” list), fries (which is on the “bad” list), and a coke (which is on the “bad” list), you haven’t done your body much of a favor at all! And they have the audacity of calling it a ‘meal deal’! Huh! Plus, you have just sabotaged your weight loss efforts. Try heading for the sandwich bar or majoring on fruit for your next lunch.

We, as a modern society, need to return to good old fashioned home cooking. If you cook fresh ingredients from scratch you will be making a huge improvement in your level of nutrition and avoid all the nasty chemicals and poisons listed above. On top of that, your body will clean itself of all these toxins and you will find fat loss will enter a whole new plane. You need to drink extra water (not tea or coffee and definitely not soft drinks or fruit drinks – water) to help flush away the toxins that are released as the fat melts away.

To really ensure your weight loss success, there is a more important thing that you can do, and that is to join a group of other people who have the same problem and the same goal. Nothing is more important than this aspect, as was proved by Harvard University. Their results, published in the New England Medical Journal, showed that weight loss is almost inevitable when you have one or more buddies so you can help them while they encourage you. A great place to find this is at This is a social networking site dedicated to helping people lose weight.

J. Duncan McNeill.