How to Sing Better and Increase Your Confidence

If you were interested in learning how to sing better, what would you think would be most helpful? Would you say posture? Well that’s certainly important. One of the definitions I found for posture while researching was “one’s image as perceived by the public”.

Whenever we sing in front of others we want to be perceived not only as competent singers, but also as confident singers. So improving our posture will not only help us to sing better due to the position of our singing equipment (e.g. our lungs, diaphragm etc.), but it will also improve our appearance, our image as perceived by the public.

I’m sure you’ll agree that singing, like acting is show business. Whenever you have a chance to observe the great singers of the past and present, notice how they move and gesture. Would you agree that they appear confident?

In the sales industry they teach a principle known as the “act as if” principle. What the “act as if” principle does is teaches the new salesperson to “act as if” he or she were an experienced, top salesperson with all the skills and experience of the best salesperson in the company.

When we sing we should do the same. We should “act as if” we have all the singing skills and experience we could ever want and project that image to our audience.

Instantly you will sing better and be perceived by your audience as better. Have you ever pretended to be someone else? Have you ever imitated someone else? If you answered yes than you not only know what I am talking about, but you already have some “acting” experience.

Understand that when you sing in front of an audience they are not only observing the sound of your voice, but also the confidence and “act” that you are delivering.

So the next time you are rehearsing, pick out one of your favorite songs and pretend that you are that particular artist. Keep in mind that you should never want to be somebody else. This is just a way to practice “acting” along with your singing.

The objective is to develop the confidence and posture that you have observed projected by your favorite singers. When I was just a kid I use to put on Beatle records and pretend that I was Paul McCartney.

So the next time you sing in front of an audience, remember the “act as if” principle. Stand up straight. Project confidence and pretend that you have all the skills of the best singer in the place. Do this and I assure you, you will know how to sing better then you ever have before!