How To Speed Up Industrial Upgrading And Institutional Innovation Milk – Dairy Products, Milk – Food

“Accelerate industrial upgrading and institutional innovation, foster new economic growth point.” This is a government work report this year the focus is Two One of the hot discussion. The first document in the central, light revitalization planning, agriculture and food industry have been identified as a priority, as an important symbol of modernization of agriculture, dairy industry, where the road upgrade is the whole of China Dairy products Industry need to think about.

Dairy industry restructuring is the basis for upgrading
With the rapid development of dairy industry, dairy industry development structure is not balanced?? Milk not keep pace with production and processing capacity, a constraint Dairy Development of the industry bottlenecks. Current daily capacity of liquid milk over raw milk has about three times per day, therefore, the construction of milk also imminent.

According to experts, the decision of China Dairy The crucial factor is the development of milk. Milk into dairy farm and retail milk, as opposed to farm milk, retail milk due to lack of strict management and scientific feeding, nutrition and lower safety factor. And the vast majority of milk from the pastures abroad compared to the situation, China’s current share of farm milk is relatively low, which restricts the source dairy development. Therefore, the dairy industry, the key adjustment of farm milk and milk retail structure, in accordance with the “consolidation and revitalization of the Milk Plan” of planning: to the end of October 2011 before the base of dairy producers and milk processing capacity of self-generated ratio to reach 70%.

There is no doubt the key to the development of grazing dairy farm building. This regard, the domestic high-end milk?? DELUXE Exclusive grazing pastures may be the construction of a frame of reference. The location of latitude 40 degrees north ranch milk are the core areas of China, through the international system GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certification, has a near-stringent management system. Live here, the introduction of the world’s top pure high quality dairy cows, they eat special kinds of cows in the name of growing number of countries from the world’s top grass, enjoy the natural stocking, meticulous care and welfare of dairy cows and other nobles. In the scientific management and careful care, the DELUXE original natural milk protein content 3.3%, 2.9%, far exceeding the standard set by the state.

Visible, milk is Milk The basis of quality guarantee. Although Chinese dairy were 40 degrees north latitude and the core area of the location no copy, but at least the successful experience of the construction of pasture worth Dairy Industry can learn. Increase the proportion of farm milk, dairy industry structure adjustment, as the basis for dairy industry.

Dairy industry is the direction of innovation and development to upgrade China’s dairy industry

high degree of homogeneity, have resulted in low prices, low profits, and sustainable development issues are weak. Government early in September 2007 has clear requirements on milk “from the mere quantitative expansion to comprehensively improve the quality and competitiveness of industry change.” Innovation is the only means to enhance competitiveness is to break the “homogeneity” of the deadlock only weapon, but also the direction of development of dairy industry.

In the fierce competition in China’s dairy industry, DELUXE is breaking competition for the innovation and example.

DELUXE opened a new field, this is the biggest innovation. Among the major milk price war when DELUXE innovative production methods, high-end milk devaluation, high nutrition, high-quality brand started. DELUXE appearance, will raise the level of dairy development to new heights.

If Deluxe is successful, then success can not be separated Deluxe technological innovation behind it?? The introduction of the world’s leading multinational dairy cattle and forage nutrition; using the most advanced equipment, such as the Swedish Tetra Filling machines, automatic guided vehicles AGV, Belgium, Japan cardboard automatic transmission system; implementation of the workshop fingerprint identification system; to each cow to bring electronic earrings, full track cows feeding, health … … in the production process Deluxe , to see the world’s most advanced technology Dairy collection, which is expert as “the strongest global dairy production team.”

DELUXE initiated by high-end milk market, China’s dairy industry, a new growth point. BOLA TANGKAS