How to Spin Your Pages For More Backlinks

If you have been using article submission as a method of link building, then you know how useful it can be in your marketing campaign if done right. At the equal time, if you are a seasoned online marketer and have been in this game for a bit, you know that the advantage article submission used to offer faded away a little slowly. This article will tell you why you are not getting the identical benefit as you used to with article submission and will also show you what to do to obtain the best out of this link building approach.

First, why conventional method of submitting one article to thousands on article sites don’t work like it used to? The answer is Google’s notorious repetitive content penalty.

Google knows that site/blog owners submit identical content to multiple or in some cases 1000’s of article sites to manipulate the ranking system. In an attempt to cut down of such attempt, Google tries to retain the original content page and de-index the duplicate articles from the database. While it takes Google some time to find out all those repetitive internet pages and de-index them, but eventually they will catch up and remove a lot of repetitive articles leaving you only handful of backlinks to you web site from a single article submission.

So what to do to be successful in this link building technique? The answer is spin article submission.

Here’s how to do it:

You write an article or have someone else write that for you. You then submit that original article to the best article submission website as you want your original article to remain indexed with the best article directory. You then take that article and change as many words and phrases as possible to generate anther unique version of the article and submit it to the second article directory. You just continue the process over and over and every time you do it, you a unique article submitted to an individual article directory. You can also change the sentence structure for better variation.

This way of doing it is fine if you are submitting to 5, 10, or 20 article directories. But if you submit to one hundred, two hundred, or few one hundred article sites, it would practically be a nightmare to submit pages this way. There is a better solution for such mass submissions. You can use an article spinning tool that giveaways spinning capability with human intervention and exports output in several formats for submission. You just pick the word you want to change and the tool will find out the proper replacements for you. Once you replace all the words and phrases, you will be able to extract multiple versions of original pages situation a single seed article. Some tool allows you to export upto 1000 variations from a single article.

There are lots of tools like that out there so just search for one and read some reviews before investing your money in it.
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