How to Spot a Lie From Your Spouse? Here Are the Absolute Must Know Tips For You

Don’t partner with a lying spouse and help him/her keep you in the dark, by being complacent about it. No self respecting person will take being cheated to lying down but will fight to either keep his/her relationship alive or at least put an end to the lying! There are plenty of ways to detect a lie from your spouse.

Scrutinize the body language of your spouse. While giving you an explanation or excuse as to where he/she has been your spouse will hesitate to look you in the eye if he/she is lying. Moreover, he/she will probably be at a loss for words and intersperse his or her sentences with a lot of nonsensical words like “ah, uhm, mmm, err,” etc. to buy time.

Making up so many stories and excuses will cause your lying spouse to trip up and contradict him/herself. It would help if you kept a record of the names, places and dates your spouse has professed to be at and with, so that you can catch him/her out easily.

Call his/her bluff and either turn up at the place your spouse said he/she would be or call the person he/she said he/she would be with. This would prove as to whether your spouse is lying or not. Even though this is not a good thing for you to do, you could stalk your spouse and see for your self what he/she is up to with your own eyes.

Go through his/her personal things like wallets, purses, and try to read his/her mail and messages. Most likely you will turn up a message that has not been deleted or a note that was not destroyed. Hard evidence like this will generally cause your spouse to own up and may help you to know for sure.

After finding out for sure about the infidelity of your spouse, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to forgive and forget or to move on without him/her.

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