How To Steal Blinds In Sit N Go Tournaments Online

Sit N Go tournaments online are great – if you know how to win. They can be fun either way but let’s face it, they are way more fun when you make it to the money or take first prize.

However they aren’t as easy as you would think to conquer now are they? If you are having trouble’s winning Sit N Go tournaments online you need to be utilising this tried and proven method of keeping your stack healthy.

The very nature of tournaments, that the blinds (and ante’s) increase over time means that you cannot survive unless you actively increase your stack. If you are having the same stack size you are actually going backward. You need to be moving forward just to keep up.

One very effective method of doing this if you aren’t getting and good cards to play at the right times, against the right players, is to utilise blind steals.

A blind steal is when you actively steal the blinds at least once per round in order to get back the money you yourself have to pay for the blinds. Plus you want to be doing this extra to, again, not only keep up but keep moving forward.

A blind steal is extremely easy to perform. You will need to be in the cutoff or at max, one more position earlier. When you have a hand (any hand) and every one at the table checks around to you, make a large bet. Practically every time everyone else will fold and you will win just the blinds.

This is actually quite a proven method and I use it almost every table I sit down at. It’s even better if you have half decent cards but sometimes then I will only make a small bet so I can win a nice pot instead of just picking up the blinds, but it’s your decision to take.

I’m sure your aware of how useful this tactic will be for you and how beneficial it will be to you play your next Sit N Go tournament online. By now, you’re probably realizing that you have instantly increased your ability in poker just by reading this article and you have acquired a crucial component to your successful poker strategy.

But how many other crucial components are you missing, that you don’t even know about? What would happen to your game if you learnt these. Would you make more money? Would you win more tournaments? I urge you to continue to research, find and learn new information about Hold Em because that is how you become a really successful poker player.