How to Stop the Symptoms of Anxiety Taking Over Your Life

If you have an anxiety disorder, you should be aware that the symptoms of anxiety vary quite substantially from person to person. Being individuals, we respond to stress and fear in different ways. For example, one person may become tearful and hysterical, another may literally run away and hide, some people may become highly aggressive and ready to fight whereas others may be paralysed with fear and unable to even speak.

The symptoms of anxiety, stress, panic and fear are generated in the brain by the organ known as the amygdala. It is responsible for guarding us from potential dangers. When an individual has a stress or panic problem, this organ will signal to the body to expect danger far too frequently, sometimes constantly and the normal resting level will have become too high. Therefore a small insignificant event will create a highly disproportionate anxiety reaction.

The original cause can be due to a variety of reasons, for instance; trauma, stress at home or work, health issues, financial problems, etc. or it may have built up gradually over a long period of time of living with a continual permanent low level of stress with no apparent cause, even as far back as childhood.

Whilst you may be aware that you are feeling illogical reactions, you will be powerless to prevent it happening.

The following is a list of the more common symptoms of anxiety suffered by people:-

Tightness or knotted feelings in the stomach, sometimes powerful enough to cause nausea.
Sudden stomach cramps, incontinence and diarrhea
Racing heartbeat
Shallow or labored breathing
Heavy perspiration
Partial or complete paralysis
Deep pains in the chest often mistaken for heart attacks
Morbid thoughts and depression
Insomnia, inability to get to sleep and frequent waking
Confusion and Indecision
Hysteria, crying or screaming
Constant worries about sanity
Dislocation or disassociation of body and mind

It is a fact that almost all anxiety problems develop as a result of control issues. A person will have a sense of being unable to control some elements in their lives. Even if not immediately obvious, there is usually a control issue lurking in the background.

Due to the stigma surrounding mental health, it is incredibly difficult admitting to the problem and seeking help. You may irrationally fear being told you are insane and anxiety is not a form of insanity at all. You may think that by waiting long enough your problem will resolve itself, and occasionally this does happen, however the likelihood is that it will worsen and not get better.

The internet provide an excellent resource for anxiety and panic disorder help. You can find answers and remain completely anonymous if you so wish. There is a huge knowledge base of assisted or self help programs available for your problem.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of anxiety today make a decision to be proactive, seek the help you need to beat this disorder and finally restore your inner calm. This can all be achieved quite easily in a short space of time with the proper targeted treatment.

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