How To Tell If Your Spouse Is Going To Cheat On You – Know This Before It’s Just Too Late

Gut feelings that your spouse is cheating are mostly based on something. In many cases, there really is something wrong with the relationship and this is leading you to think that our partner will cheat on you – or has a higher tendency for infidelity. Here are some of the ways through which you can tell that you’re going to be a victim of a cheating spouse.


It’s only normal for couples to argue sometimes but if the fights become more frequent than usual, this is only a sign that it’s only a matter of time before one of you starts looking elsewhere for company. Dissatisfaction is one of the most common reasons that spouses use to justify infidelity.


If you feel that sexual intimacy between you and your spouse has already fizzled, then there’s a good chance that this can lead to infidelity. When a person doesn’t get his or her sexual needs fulfilled by his or her partner, he or she tends to look elsewhere for that.

Lack of quality time

Sure, you and your spouse probably lead different lives outside the home. You have to have your own careers and be the best in them. That is important for your personal growth. But when a lot of things are taking you away from each other, this can only make your spouse feel lonely. It would only be a matter of time before your partner finds somebody who can make him or her feel less lonely and more appreciated.

Complaints about nagging

If your spouse regularly complains about your behaviour or how your relationship has gone from worse to worst over time, this could be telling of an impending infidelity. When a person expresses his or her dissatisfaction, it can sometimes mean that he or she is on the verge of looking for someone else who will make him or her feel better.

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