How To Tell The Best Sales Jokes

There has been a lot written in recent years about the benefits of using humour in sales. The reasons are clear. Humour can help people relax, facilitate relationship building, diffuse difficult situations, and help people become more open to listening to what you say. The trouble is, for some people integrating jokes and stories into their approach does not come easily.

If you are one of those people who just isn’t naturally funny that doesn’t mean that you can incorporate the best sales jokes into your pitch. It just means that it may take a little work before you are comfortable doing it. It is true that using even the best sales jokes can get you in to trouble if you don’t do it at the right time and place.

You can go a long way toward avoiding awkward moments with your jokes by knowing as much as you can about your audience. Your audience may be one person, several people, or a whole room full of people.

If you are an experienced sales person that chances are you have already gone through this step since your job is to know your customers. If you haven’t, then get to know them now. You need to know enough to know if the people you are working with will even be open to humour if not, then move on to another technique.

Once you are comfortable that you know your audience well enough to share your best sales jokes with them you can get down to the business of working with your material. You want to make sure that your jokes or stories are related to your business. You also want to make sure that you are taken seriously.

That means that your material should be professional and you should stick to non-controversial topics. You never want to run the risk of offending anyone. That means racial, political, religious, and gender jokes should be off limits.

It’s a good idea to write your material down. This is especially helpful if you have a number of jokes to choose from. Seeing your jokes on paper and practicing them out loud can help you select the best sales jokes for the audience and the situation. Use your friends and family as a test audience and try out your best sales jokes to see which ones go over best.

If you are looking for inspiration for developing your jokes you can turn to the many resources that are available for free. The Internet is loaded with sales jokes as is your local bookstore and library. You want remember, however, that the best sales jokes are original and unexpected.

If your audience is already familiar with the joke or knows the punch line, the jokes will fall flat. Your own personal experience is a great place for finding unique material. Mistakes can make particularly good material.

You can have a lot of fun laughing at yourself and your audience will appreciate the fact that you are confident enough to make fun of yourself. BOLA TANGKAS