How to Trace a Cell Number? This is the Best Method!

Private detectives- A lot of people think that the only way to trace a cell number is by getting a private detective to look for it. And because they’re expensive (up to $ 200) and they take a lot of time (several days to weeks) to give you an answer, people just give up.

White Pages- Another group of people would look at the white pages and find out that it only has land numbers and give up thinking that there is no way you can find out the owner of a particular cell phone number. Whitepages won’t help you in looking up a cellular number because they’re ‘Unlisted’. Mobile numbers have been deliberately kept away from free public phone books to comply with privacy laws that are are meant to protect cellular phone user privacy. Mobile numbers are considered personal unlike land numbers, which are considered public domain.

They were not aware of a new technology- There’s something called ‘Reverse Telecommunications Technology’. A lot of people are not aware of this new technology that can do a reverse lookup on any cell number you ask it to look it up. These reverse databases have been compiled by collecting wireless numbers from all 52 US states and all wireless companies in the market today.

It’s the best way to trace any cellular number- Mainly because if you use the right service you will get extremely accurate results and it is very easy to operate. It’s just a matter of plugging in your number and you’re only a couple of minutes away from finding out the Name, Address, Age, Relatives etc about that phone owner.

Are all services equally good?- Not necessarily, always pay attention to the size of the database (smaller databases only have about 50% the numbers in the USA). You must shoot for one with at least 200 million numbers.