How to Twitter – A Guide to Tweeting on Twitter

How To Twitter: A Guide to Tweeting on Twitter. First of all the right way to say it is How To Use Twitter or How To Tweet. Step 1 – learning the vocabulary of Twitter is complete.

Twitter is not like Facebook. It’s not a page with pictures, notes, walls or videos. You know how when you post something on Facebook(an update, a video, a picture), people can comment on it? Well – that’s the essence of Twitter. People post comments/updates/links and you reply to them, use them to start discussions, just read and ignore them or post something yourself.

So, here’s “How You Twitter”. Get yourself a Twitter account and log-in. Then go to use the search button on the right side to search for something you’re interested in. For example, suppose you love chatting about politics, you love talk radio and you like to post links to political sites and news stories. Search for something like “Obama bail-out”. What you’ll get back is a list of people and what they’ve written about “Obama bail-out”. Click on the pictures of the people who are making these comments and press their “follow” button under their picture. Press the back button, go back to the search results and do that for EVERYONE that looks interesting. Now you’re following a bunch of people who like chatting about the same thing you do.

Now, go back to and press Home. You’ll see that you’re now “following” X number of people and you have 0 followers. When you are following someone, you get to see everything that they write (AKA tweet). And you can comment back to them, just like on Facebook. When you want to comment on something someone says, type @theirname and then type your message. From this you’ll start a conversation.

To start your own conversation, just type updates. For instance “I just read How To Twitter on EzineArticles, if you’re new you should read it. Go to (and post this url)” That could be your 1st tweet. When people come to this site and read it, they’ll likely send you a comment back, like “that article was O.K. but here’s a link to a better article. . . ” Now you’ve just made a connection with someone regarding “things to learn about twitter”.

A lot of people then follow the people who are following them, so you’ll start to amass followers right away. These people can see exactly what you write – and they’ll comment on it. When you see people show up in the column that says “followers”, consider clicking on their picture and following them back. You’ll see what they write and they’ll see what you write.

Now if you have no interests, and like chatting with friends – then stick with Facebook. If you have a hobby, an interest, like to chat, have something to sell, need to find a job – Twitter is for you. You could easily be following 500 people in a couple hours on Twitter and learning lots of stuff about your ‘niche’, meeting new people, or just finding a new outlet for your creativity.