How to Update a PSP?

New technology has revolutionized everything that we do. The advent of PlayStation Portable, aka PSP has changed the world of gaming. This handheld game console is so popular among children that it has taken the world of computer games by storm. It is such an ergonomic device that allows the user to not only play games but also watch pictures, listen to music and store pictures.

PSP firmware is the core operating system of the device. It ensures the smooth running of any PSP. To upgrade the PlayStation Portable, one should update the existing firmware. This can be done in many ways. The foremost method is to directly download the updates to the console over a Wi-Fi connection. Another method is downloading the updates to the PC and then transferring them to the PSP using a USB cable or a Memory Stick.



In order to update the console directly, you have to fully charge the battery on the PSP and connect the AC adaptor to it and then plug it into an outlet. Next, you have to insert a Memory Stick Duo into the appropriate slot on the PSP. After that, select the network update from the settings in the home menu and download the latest data. When the download is finished, you have to press the “X” button to install the update.



Alternatively, to update the device using a computer, you have to connect the PSP to the computer with the USB cable. Next, download the updates on the computer and save the updates in a folder named appropriately. After that, you have to fully charge the PSP battery and then connect the AC adaptor to the PSP and plug it into an outlet. Finally, you have to choose the updates saved in the folder and press the “X” button to update the software.