How to Use a Digital Picture Frame to Steal a Tradeshow

I’ve been to many trade shows, and I’ve been involved in organizing the displays for a few company’s as well, so I’ve had opportunity to see trade shows done well and some done poorly. One of the things that really caught my eye recently as a display that made use of a nice large digital picture frame.

A large digital picture frame can really add a unique presence to your booth’s display. For one thing, it isn’t static. You can have pictures and even video displaying there, and there’s nothing like a moving object or display to catch a customer’s eye as they wander past.

Display Your Best Work

In service industries, you can use a digital picture frame to display photos or videos of your best work. If you renovate houses, put some beautiful pictures of your completed work in there.

Display Your Products in Action

If you sell products instead of services, don’t put pictures of your products on the digital frame, unless it is impossible to actually have some in your booth. Instead, it would be better to have pictures of your products in use, preferably even by some of your high profile customers (you might need to check with them first!). This can not only serve to raise the profile of your company by associating with high profile clients, but it will also demonstrate your products being used in a range of situations, solving the problem they were intended to address.

Use Big, Flashy Frames

If you’re going to use a digital picture frame in your trade show booth, DON’T get a puny little small one! Make sure you get at least a 15″, preferably a 17″ frame to ensure that you have enough screen real estate to catch the eyes of random passers-by.

Easily Portable

Another advantage of using a digital picture frame for this sort of use is that it is far cheaper than having a laptop, or even a television, and it is more portable than either of those as well.

Video Testimonials!

If you’re doing a trade show, take the time before hand and get some video testimonials from your best customers. You can even give them a discount on their next purchase if you want; something to motivate them to speak highly of you and your company. Arrange these video testimonials into the slide show and have them show, ideally just after a picture of the job you did for that customer!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a few pictures of a beautiful kitchen you just renovated for someone, then to have that same person come on the screen of a large digital frame for a few seconds and relate how great it was to deal with you, and what a high quality of work you did? Now that would be a great way to spice up your trade show display this year! Your competition will be blown out of the water!