How To Use An Ipod & Battery To Transfer A Music Library To A New Computer

ITunes software allows an iPod owner to transfer songs, videos, and other media from a computer to an iPod. The program, however, does not allow the direct transfer of media from the iPod to a computer. If you need to move files to a new computer, your iPod can facilitate the transfer if you are willing to take a few extra steps. You can use the iPod as a portable hard drive and transfer your files to a new computer.

Attach your iPod to your old computer equipped with the iTunes software. Click the “Summary” tab in the main iTunes window. Click on the checkbox marked “Manually Manage Music.” This will also automatically mark the “Enable Disk Use” checkbox, and allow you to use the iPod as a portable hard drive. Click “Apply” at the bottom right corner of the iTunes screen.

Verify that you have adequate space on the iPod. At the bottom of the iTunes screen, you will see the capacity bar. Make sure that there is space on the iPod to accommodate your music library. Remove songs from your iPod if necessary by highlighting them with the mouse and deleting them.

Locate the folder on your computer where you store your music library. Locate your iPod on the computer. If you are using a Mac, the iPod will show up on the desktop. If you are using a PC, click on “My Computer” and the iPod will show up as an external drive. Copy and paste the music folder onto your iPod.

Eject the iPod manually from the iTunes window. Simply click on the eject button next to your iPod name. Disconnect the iPod from the old computer.

Connect the iPod to the new computer via your USB cable. Locate the iPod on the new computer as described in step 3. Copy the music folder from the iPod and paste in into the folder on the new computer.

Install iTunes on your new computer and import your music folder. Click on the “File” link at the top left of the iTunes screen and click “Add Folder to Library.” Browse through your computer and locate the newly copied folder. Itunes will import the music and add it to the music library on your new computer.