How To Wax A Surfboard

If are an aspiring surfer, it is not just enough that you learn how to surf. More than just that, you should also learn how to wax your surfboard. This is a basic skill that every surfer needs to master. Some advanced surfers use nose to trail traction pads but generally, most wave lovers still opt for boards that require basic surfboard wax that keep their feet on the board regardless of how huge the waves are. To ensure your safety, wax your board regularly. You will need surfboard, wax comb, and wax.

1.Pick a wax. Today, one can find a wide range of wax brands in the market. All of these are guaranteed to wax surfboards just fine. Most surfers opt for Sex Wax. It is a classic choice by most surfers but Mrs. Palmers and Sticky Bumps are also very famous especially among beginners. When picking a wax, consider the type of water that you surf in. Warm water comes with a high melting point. If you use topical wax for surfing in cold water, you are more likely to slide off quickly.

2.Use base coat. This depends on your preference. Others use base coat while there are also surfers do not. Users believe that by applying base coat, waxing is made easier. Try it for yourself and see which one will work best for you.

3.Wax on top. This is self explanatory. Surf wax should be applied on top of the board. You may choose to apply some on other parts but if you really concentrate the waxing on top of the board. Rub the wax in patterns of small circles or cross grid pattern. This allows the formation of bumps and valleys making it ideal for your grip.

4.Comb. After applying wax on top of your board, the next thing that you do is comb it. Combing develops a rough surface. Comb the wax before adding up a new layer.

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