How We Can Fight Obesity

The food and lifestyle that we have today are greatly affecting our health. We have swerved from the real and healthful source of food, food without artificial additives with newer food ideas. However, since this is the present up of foods, it is advisable to use minimally these unnatural ingredients which can lead to other unhealthful effects on our body. One of these effects is obesity.
Obesity is the prime reason for the causes of several death causing diseases. Among these diseases are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and heart attack. Aside from these, there are still other types of diseases which are also effects of obesity. These would show us that obesity is not a healthy body status to have.

There’s no denying: obesity is getting to be a bigger and bigger problem in America. A study recently conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, obesity rates climbed in 23 states in 2008, with Southern and Midwestern states being particularly prone to the condition. It has gotten to the point where denial is no longer an option and we cannot afford to just sweep the problem under the rug anymore.

The presence of fast food chains added a lot of weight-gaining elements plus the other harmful ingredients that go with your fast food choice. They add a unique food flavor which makes us crave for more.

The more we want to always snack on it, the more we also have the intake of another harmful ingredient, the artificial food colorants which affect digestion adversely. The food flavor additive is known to cause cancer, brain lesions, eyesight problems, heart attack and depression. Fast food is also oily and excessive consumption of oily and fast food meals tend to lead to obesity.

When we are obese, cholesterol level rises and blocks arteries, thus, blood circulation is obstructed. Heart attack is also one enemy of one’s health brought through obesity and affects our heart condition. Blocked arteries are the prime reason for it. Diabetes, especially diabetes II (which affects the pancreas),compressed lungs (the lungs are compressed by the fats and surrounding weighted body mass, making it difficult to breath), sleep apnea, bone stress, and some forms of cancer like breast, endometrial, kidney, and colorectal cancers.

Among these unhealthful effects of obesity may tend to produce multi-diseases. For instance, bone stress can, in turn, result to other disturbing aches. The bones are the frame and foundation of our body. It is stressed by the extra weight brought by obesity. Bone stress is shown by knee aches, neck aches, backaches, leg aches, and over-all bone aches. Although these are not death threats it would, however, hamper your daily routine.

You can only enjoy life without living an unhealthy eating habit. The above statements clearly show us that obesity is unhealthy. We should make the most out of life and we should stay fit. You can fight obesity by eating the right kind of food and by exercising.

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