How Will You Use Pressure Points For Self Defense?

Occasionally, I am asked to show someone a pressure point for self defense. There really are so many sensitive nerve areas to choose from. Before I teach these martial arts techniques, I want to know how the martial artist intends to use them. What martial-arts scenario do you have in mind?

The Right ‘Martial-Arts’ Tool For the Job

When I was a child, my father often told me that it’s best not to go out and buy a bunch of cheap tools from a hardware store, just to have the tools on the wall of a garage. He thought it much more logical to have a specific job in mind, and then to go out and purchase a quality tool to accomplish the specific task.

The same is true in the martial arts…

Know The Practical Application of Your Martial-Arts Technique

Real life is not like an old Karate Kid movie. You can’t just practice the motion and expect to be able to transfer it into practical self defense (no “paint the fence” practice). You really do need to know how you intend to employ the move or pressure point.

So, I am asking the intended use not out of some moral or ethical policing, but rather to see whether the martial technique will be of any use to the individual.

Pressure Point Problems

If you are someone who has not yet mastered pressure points, do you envision walking up to someone and simply pressing a soft spot on the body? What do you think will happen?

Do you imagine the aggressor feinting? Hollering out in pain? Collapsing with part of his body temporarily paralyzed?

Personally, I use the pain of a pressure point to further control my opponent. If I have a joint lock on the guy, then finding a nerve can dissuade any attempts to counter my techniques.

I can also “direct traffic,” so to speak. The proper pressure can motivate the locked enemy to move in one direction or another. You can even sit him down in a chair, with the proper technique.

A Nerve Strike Is Still a Strike

Telling someone where to press or hit on the body doesn’t solve the challenge of getting to that spot. To hit a pressure spot, you still have to be able to land a hit.

If you can’t get your punches in, then how do you expect to strike such a precise spot?

All of your tactics and strategies of martial arts still need to come into play … or you’ll never reach your target.

Of course, there are lots of sneaky ways to get to the pressure point….