How You Can Find Paintball Scenario Events

Scenario paintball games and events are not as well established in the UK as they are in countries like the US and Canada, so they can be hard to find. In this article I will outline the top 3 ways to help you find scenario paintball events and games in the UK.

Facebook – Facebook is still growing at a ridiculous rate, more or less everyone under 30 I know has a Facebook page. Because of its widespread use and ease it is very easy to get in contact with like minded individuals through the website. If you go on to the website and type “UK scenario paintball”, there are a number of Facebook groups and profiles that come up. These groups are designed specifically to give UK paintballer’s information about scenario paintball events and upcoming games, so you’ll be able to find a lot of useful information on Facebook about scenario paintball games in the UK.

Twitter – Twitter is a relative new boy on the block but has seen massive growth especially in the UK and the US. This again is partly due to the how simple the platform is to use, and communicate with people of interest. Twitter has a search engine, the address is You can use this search engine to find users who are tweeting about any subject in any area. So we could search for users tweeting about scenario paintballing in the UK, and the search engine would bring up all of these people. Then its just a case of getting in contact with them and finding out when and where them scenario event’s are taking place.

Online Forums – Paintballing forums are an excellent way to get information about up and coming scenario games and events. You only have to type paintball forums into Google and tons will come up in the search results. The top forums like have sections specifically for UK paintballers. In one forum I found a list of all the scenario paintballing events planned for the whole year in the UK.

If you use these 3 methods above then you should have no trouble in finding the latest paintball scenario events in the UK. An even easier method more successful method would be to contact the UK’s largest scenario paintballing companies directly to find out what events they are going to b


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