How You Can Know If Getting Your Ex Back is a Waste of Time

Most of these articles are always giving advice on how to get your ex back. I want to touch on a topic most do not touch. I want to give advice on determining if your ex is a waste of time and how you can go on with your life free and clear of the obvious baggage and drama of your ex. But only you can truly determine if getting your ex back is something worth of fighting for.

Your ex gains new lovers

If you are suffering from a broken heart while your ex is out whooping it up and partying, it is a sure sign that you felt more within the relationship. If you are home alone mourning your loss as your ex is gallivanting around with new lovers, this is yet another sign that attempting to get your ex back is waste of time.

Know when to walk away

We must be realistic and mature enough to accept defeat. We must also contain our self-respect when attempting to get our exes back. Be real with yourself, if your ex is not in mourning, more than likely they do not want to come back to you.

Your ex does not want to talk about the failed relationship

If your repeated attempts in trying to talk to your ex about the failed relationship only result in your ex changing the topic, you can rest assured, they are not interested in reconciling the failed relationship. Do not try to force the topic of the failed relationship with your ex, they will want to talk about it or they will not want to talk about it.

Your ex is bored when speaking with you

Continuations of humdrum conversations with your ex are not a good sign either. If your ex while speaking with you appears to be bored this shows that, they are genuinely not interested in speaking with you. You can try to talk to your ex until you are blue in the face, but if they do not want to talk, they will not and you cannot force the issue.

Do not become obsessed with the notion of getting back together

Some people become so obsessed with their exes that they literally place blinders over their eyes. They continually excuse the bad behavior exhibited by their exes with only focusing on the goal of getting their exes back. This is not good for long term and can result in serious emotional baggage and turmoil.

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