How You Should Go About Fitting New Plastic Guttering To Your Home

Although the easiest and fastest way to fit guttering systems is to get a professional to do it, for a number of reasons many people choose to do it themselves instead.

Firstly, it is essential you take safety into account when installing your new guttering system. Ensure you will be stable while up the ladder by having someone on hand to steady it for you and dont work in dangerous conditions, such as in high wind or heavy rain.

The next thing to do is to remove your old guttering. You should be careful when doing this so you dont damage any other parts of your home, such as the fascia. You should also look at the fascia once you have removed the guttering in case there is any rot present. If so, you should replace it before continuing with the installation of your new guttering. If you dont do this, you risk serious damage, since a rotted fascia can cause the guttering to be insecure.

After this, you need to fit what is known as the running outlet, which is the part of the system that connects your gutter to the drain pipe. You also have to consider what is known as the fall of the guttering here. This term relates to the slope of the guttering, and normally it should be 1 in 600 (which means one inch per 50 feet), although some guttering can vary, so you should check this out if you are unsure.

After you have fixed the guttering to the fascia, you need to join the pieces of guttering together using guttering unions, after which you should check that everything is properly in place. Once this is done, you can fit the drain pipe, and the job will be done.

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