Htc Gratia Contract- Now Its Affordable

HTC has launched a number of high end smart phones along with a lot of mid range smart phones.HTC Gratia is one of the mid range smart phone launched by HTC.If you want a phone which is not very expensive, then HTC Gratia is the best choice. This phone might look a little bit tiny as compared to Windows phones and other Android phones but is perfect if you are on budget. This

The HTC gratia Contract is a remodel and redesign of the American phone.HTC has not changed its design and it still has the design of the American model and it looks really attractive. Mobile phone deals could appeal to female buyers because of its smooth and curvy edges and also to the business users and people from different walks of life.

This is because of its very small size and very less weight when compared to other phones. It is quite unbelievable to see that HTC has managed to put the 3.2 inch touch screen into such a small device. The screen is one factor for which people purchase this phone because the fact that you can now own a full touch screen device would certainly appeal to a lot of users.

The phone has a five megapixel camera despite of its cheap rate. Features like autofocus, LED flash, face detection, Geo tagging make the camera quality of this phone really brilliant. You can directly upload images to your Face book profile page and this is highly appreciated by a number of Face book users. The best part of the camera is the ability to upload images directly to your Face book profile page. Music and video playback are some of the other impressive feature of this phone. It has a 384 MB of RAM with a powerful processor that is rated at 600 MHz The famous QUALCOMM processor is used in this phone. This processor range is used in a number of high-end smart phones recently.