HTC Touch Diamond2 Phone Choose This Smartphone

Good news, everyone! Looks like HTC feels embarrassed that HTC HD’s pics leaked into the net earlier, than it was intended (as usual). New phone is briefly featured on HTC website. You already know the full specs. They have been confirmed. CEO of HTC, Peter Chou, said “Today, widescreen TV, Internet and video have become the standard so there is no reason to compromise when you leave the house, the HTC HD Phone delivers that uncompromising multimedia and Internet experience”. In my opinion , HTC HD Phone is better than HTC Touch Diamond 2 . Because HTC HD is coming to European market at the end of the year, surprisingly before Christmas (that’s what we were saying!). Other countries will have to wait and chances of HTC HD Phone hitting the US market are still unknown. At Mobile World Congress today, HTC announced a smaller sibling for their flagship HD Windows Phone. The new HTC HD Phone will use Windows Mobile 6.5.3 with HTC’s Sense interface concept. With Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series still a long ways off, the HTC HD Phone, with its 3.2″ capacitive screen, should benefit from the enhancements in the latest Windows Mobile release, as the new Windows Phone version 6.5.3 brings enhanced support for capacitive touch screens. If you ask me what is the most popular and common device ? The answer certainly is mobile phone. With the higher standard developed, more and more people own a series of mobile phone . At this point, I would like to talk something about HTC HD Phone which been called a smart phone in the market of mobile phone. HTC HD Phone is a new product that has been released by HTC Company. But I think most of you will ask : why is it a smart phone? Ok, at the following I will give the reasons. The HTC HD Phone features multi-touch gesture support, so users can pinch and zoom in and out of Web pages and photos. The phone is much smaller than the current HTC Touch Diamond and with its HVGA screen resolution, the HD moniker might be questionable. The HD mini will also run on a slower processor than the 1 GHz HD2. Still, the phone will get one of the most unique features on the HTC HD, the ability to share a wireless connection with other devices over Wi-Fi. The HTC HD Phone also uses a 5-megapixel camera around back, and HTC offers this phone as an affordable alternative to the pricier big screen device. The HTC HD Phone will be available to European and Asian customers in April. A smart choice, a smart phone. Joanneplmltd Article from: