Huai Council Support The Expansion Of Exports Canned Peach Suqian Documentary

Looking Suqian canned food limited liability company owned export base of yellow peach, canned acres of peach orchard, saw green peach dyed green Kan, Yan Yan Hongshenghuo peach, like the horizon hint of Choi Ha falling earth, cloud steam Sunlight, beautiful. Wandering in the woods Road, the more convinced Moment of truth.

, However, this piece of poetic and picturesque peach orchard owner?? Suqian canned food limited liability company has in its predecessor, following the bankruptcy of Suqian canning factory has experienced setbacks and frustrations. In August 1995 after the original bankruptcy, the higher authorities, business leaders and laid-off workers have not given up and actively use their brains to find a way out, so as to provide the veteran with 40 years of state-owned enterprises back to life. Huai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau timely intervention, as in the critical phase of re-starting a lot of support and assistance to enterprises and guidance: to help enterprises in innovation, through the joint efforts of both sides seized enterprises, exporting enterprises to regain health food business registration code, as take off once again laid the foundation; increase the relevance and effectiveness of guidance, the council leader appointed the specialist market research company, offering front services, site office, deal with historical issues; to help promote the optimization of enterprise restructuring, through competition, etc. management model, not only effectively enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, but also for the future development of enterprises pointed out the direction.

In Huai’an Council support and the company all staff’s unremitting efforts, finally in 2000 to revive the company, and has shown good momentum into the black. In order to enable enterprises to quickly develop a healthy and stable, Huaian Board Suqian canned food limited liability company first proposed the “Product Quality and digging potential, reduce consumption, increase efficiency” approach to development, while helping enterprises to improve their quality management system ISO9001 and HACCP health management system certification. In addition, it actively help enterprises to adjust product structure, develop the international market, expanding the scale of production and export of canned peach scale and unconventional efforts to achieve economic development.

Yellow peach canned a dozen working procedure of production process, including raw materials selection, cleaning, digging core, peeling, pre-cooking, canning, sealing, sterilization, inspection, packaging. Canned peach production in the beginning, Huai Bureau and the company is technically a joint research approach, bold change the standard of traditional technique, using assembly line production, and adopting the advanced experiences of other canning companies, bold innovation, streamline processes, shorten production time, rational technical standards. Fresh yellow peach quality raw materials, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, the latest production technology and perfect testing means, to make the company produce high quality canned yellow peach. It is understood, then canned peach production reached more than 2130 tons, the company created the history of canned peaches produced the highest yield of record, are also among the best in the industry. Currently, the company is gradually selling canned peaches to South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States and other countries.

Raw material base in the record earlier this year the occasion of peach, Huai Bureau and several in-depth base of corporate propaganda to export food company based on the record, classified management, policies and regulations, understand the business process in the base record the difficulties and quality management, the weak links, take the initiative to make plans for the company to help businesses improve the base of the record management system, and also asked enterprises to strictly control the use of pesticides, food exports from the source to ensure quality and safety. This year in May, through the examination, canned food Suqian limited liability company successfully obtained the registration certificate of peach base for exports of canned peaches and lay a solid foundation.

Order to better serve enterprises, Huai Council initiative and enterprise communication, regular meetings Sector Moral Authority will accept client supervision; in the window to provide inspection and quarantine inspection service announcement guide and preferential policies to facilitate the enterprises understand the process of inspection and quarantine and the new policy; a “green channel”, which includes canned food Suqian limited liability companies, including large-scale agricultural products processing enterprises in the content and form to achieve a zero-distance service.

Suqian canned food limited liability company from a bankruptcy of small enterprises, with acres of peach bases as the starting point, comprehensive development of the production of all varieties of canned products, has developed into today has a 113.44 million yuan of fixed assets annual production of 30,000 tons, annual sales of more than 200 million yuan of state-level agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises, and many times by the State, Jiangsu Province, Huai’an all levels of government recognition of these achievements are inseparable from the well-Huai Board Helping to guide and vigorously. The general manager of the songs, “Peach blossom in that place” in the lyrics, expressed sincere thanks to the inspection and quarantine departments: In order to better your view, I would like to be stationed in the snow of the borders on the … …