Humanities comprise various traditions


How we can better describe the logic of human needs? They even better deserve for good sense of all they need. Like human need food, water, very pure oxygen to breath. These all very essential demands. In other category, souls deserve for appreciation, admiring attitude, his or her urge for basic social responsibilities. These all tasks require a man full attention to fulfill it. We can share our thoughts our feelings to people, who around us. We want to know about them as we are conscious and alert for them. The ways can be diversify .like we can use phone, the most fast communication source, even easy to get, easy to afford, easy to reach.Sms is another form of mobile phones. As it is more fast and sharp.

We also can conquer the topic of humanities through the human needs. The humanities comprise two languages that are ancient and current languages, and even based on literature, history, philosophy, religion, and visual and performing arts such as can add music and theatre. The humanities that are also gazed at as social sciences include technology, history, anthropology, area studies, communication studies, cultural studies, law and linguistics. Many Scholars from distinguish colleges, and institute are working for the area of humanities, and they called as humanists. They work for the deep humanity to sustain its all values and ethics. The main purpose to show and spread love for we can say, their same source, like mobile phones we can share it in more fast and more modern way, in the means of love quotes.

Talking about the history, humanity, from which point took start. As the people why felt the need of, to adopt it to spread it and to consume this. We can study it to by region or areas around the globe. In the West, the study of the humanities can be chased to ancient Greece, as the root of a broad education for citizens. During all Roman times, the notion of the seven moderate arts developed, involving grammar, rhetoric and logic, along with arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music .These focuses formed the vastness of medieval education, with the accent being on the humanities as expertise or conduct of responsibility. Islam is major ruler for this field. Even if we say, slam is shining on the heaven of this line as administrators will never be going wrong. So we will add again, through Islamic Sms. split out the all edges for humanity.

Main move happened with the Renaissance humanism of the fifteenth century, when the humanities took start to be very valued, and appreciated as the course to be deliberate rather than experienced, in vast way of practical. Story took start as, in the 20th century; this scrutiny was in turn dared by the postmodernist movement, which wanted to redefine the humanities in additional democratic terms apposite for a democratic society. But the move that was in favor was determined and all the tracks conquer with the victory.