Hummingbird Tattoos Are the Best of the Bird Tattoos

Hummingbird tattoos are superb little feminine tattoos when accompanied by a mixture of vines and flowers across the lower back or speeding across the females lower stomach. And no matter where you place them hummingbird tattoos are definitely attractive. Hummingbird tattoos are fantastic as they can easily be sized to fit any location you might want to get tattooed.

Interestingly people who get hummingbird tattoos associate them with birth, intuition, and freedom. Some people just enjoy wearing the little creatures, especially when a talented tattoo artist has adorned their body with a hummingbird tattoo masterpiece!

Hummingbirds have a unique ability to hover in one place by rapidly fluttering their tiny wings which may truly have made them the ‘fairies’ that major part people saw hovering around brightly colored flowers.

Hummingbirds are often characters in both Indian and Brazilian folktales so they can be mythical creatures as well. The hummingbird is also believed to have supernatural power. Some people carry a dead hummingbird in a bag worn as a necklace which is said to attract and charm your desired person.

Birds are often a favourite tattoo with eagles, swallows and hummingbirds coming out at the top of the list. Where the other two top bird choices hold specific symbolism, the hummingbird tattoo can be a wonderful choice because the symbolism is strictly yours.

Hummingbird tattoos can turn out to be extremely beautiful works of body art. The beauty of a hummingbird tattoo can’t be denied and an essential part of that beauty is the huge variety of strong colour choices. When using a hummingbird tattoo you are showing you can still be feminine and have a tattoo. Many people recommend having a hummingbird tattoo on the shoulder as it would look like the bird is perching on you. Adding other elements to your hummingbird tattoo, such as flowers or vines can make it even more interesting.

No matter where you place them, hummingbird tattoos are certainly sensual. A hummingbird looking out over the low cut jeans of a female is both mysterious and tempting, whereas one fluttering across her calf shows the females self expression and on the midsection can add to a sensual flavour.

If you can’t find the colours that you want you can always make up your own hummingbird and choose the colours that you are most drawn to. Other design choices might include something like a tribal hummingbird design or one with a Celtic knot work could work just as well. Whatever your personal choice in hummingbird Tattoos try to make it unique to yourself.