HVAC Equipment Fundamentals – Repairing The Blower Motor

Needing to repair the blower motor present in your Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation system is a common problem faced by a huge number of folks for the duration of the harsh and relentless summers in the United Arab Emirates. Needless to say, the air conditioning maintenance sector enjoys a boost in their organization in the course of these months. The constant use of these systems coupled with the high levels of heat and humidity outdoors come with each other to cause frequent failures in the blower motor.

The first factor that the owner of HVAC equipment ought to hold in mind is that there is a significant assortment in blower motors utilised in such gear. When handling problems with the motor, the best, and in a lot of instances the only viable, remedy is to obtain an exact replacement, or do the work to contract an air conditioning repair company who can get the exact same.

When obtaining the repair or replacement completed, there are a few things one should know. For instance, taking a long time to complete the repair or replacement and reinstallation is not an effective indicator of the high quality of the service – some air handling units are considerably far more challenging to get to, and the limited access will inhibit the repair technician from working swiftly. If you can obtain the necessary components by oneself, that can help cut down on charges, but this should be carried out soon after you get a suitable diagnosis by a technician who can recognize precisely what is required. If you do choose to use the repair firm for all their services, they can make confident the new motor arrives just in time to be placed into the system.

There is often the danger of an occasion where the precise replacement for your blower motor may not be offered. In this instance, the blower motor replacement will end up being a stock portion from the HVAC organization, or their supply and solutions shop. Though obtaining an precise replacement is excellent, it is not strictly essential. It is in fact quite typical to use a blower motor that is not the same brand. In these cases, the blower motor always matches the original motor when it comes to specs such as voltage, RPM, the direction of the motor (which will be either clockwise or counter clockwise) and specially diameter of the motor because it demands to be fitted and mounted into the original space. Other variables may also be in play, such as amp draw, consequently it is greatest to seek the advice of with a hugely experienced technician.

There are also times exactly where a necessary blower motor repair may spell consequences for other components of your HVAC gear. It is fairly possible that a single might need to replace the blower wheel, because an affected blower motor could disturb the balance of the wheel whilst also causing it harm. If these additional repairs do turn out to be required they will be diagnosed properly by your repair group, and you will be provided choices as to the repairs. In addition, there is a massive chance that the capacitor could also want to be changed. This option is excellent for HVAC equipment owners considering that it is a inexpensive repair that pays off quite nicely in terms of efficiency and longevity, thereby giving you a satisfying knowledge properly worth your time and income.
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