Hybrid Vehicles – The Best Choice Of Transportation In The Future

It’s likely that  hybrid vehicles will be the best choice of transportation in the future. The reasons are the fact that supply of crude oil is limited, cost of gas is rising over, we depend on unfriendly nations for our oil supply, and gasoline exhaust affects badly on the environment.


Saving, be it the environment or on gas, is the primary reason most people buy these types of vehicles. To this end, it is anticipated that 2009 will be a big year for makers of hybrids because consumers are trying to reduce their consumption in the current economic downturn. It is during times like these that high gas mileage trumps size and becomes a major deciding factor when buying personal transportation.


King of the Road

The king of high mileage per gallon of gas is none other than the Toyota Prius. One of the first alternative-fuel vehicles to appear on the US auto market, the Prius offers 45 city and 48 highway miles to the gallon. The 2009 model has a bigger engine; therefore, provides more horsepower and has been designed with a very light frame aimed at pushing the gas mileage as close to 50 as is possible by improving the length of time it can run gas-free.


Close Runner-Up

The Honda Civic hybrid is second and it offers 40 city and 45 highway miles per gallon. It costs a bit more than the Prius, but has a sleeker look. The 2009 model has better battery packs and its regenerative braking system is capable of eliminating almost all emission from the vehicle. It is, also, the best choice for consumers who consider safety a priority when choosing a vehicle.


Third in Line

The third most fuel efficient hybrid vehicle is the Smart For Two. The smart car burst onto the market in Europe and is slowly becoming popular in the U.S. It offers 33 city and 41 highway miles per gallon. The major drawback to the Smart For Two is its size. It is very small, light, and has comparatively low horsepower compared to the other hybrids. However, it can be considered cute, affordable, and is perfect for city dwellers who don’t want to spend too much money on a car. The 2009 model comes with a transmission that can be changed between manual and automatic.


Another Good Choice

The BMW Mini Cooper is another great choice of hybrid because of its high gas mileage. It offers 28 city and 37 highway miles to the gallon. The 2009 model comes in automatic and manual. It is built with BMW’s pure quality, has an updated suspension thus providing a smoother ride, and has enough horsepower to hold its own on any U.S. highway.


Hybrid vehicles can be more expensive than all-gas vehicles; however, in the long run they will save the consumer and have a positive impact on the environment. Furthermore, nothing says “I’m hip and aware!” as being behind the wheel of a 2009 fuel efficient hybrid vehicle.