Hydrogen on Demand and HHO Generators Do Work

Last year when the prices of gasolene had peaked around $ 4.00 a gallon a lot of people were looking for a way to cut down on the amount of money they were having to spend just to go back and forth to work. Right at the peak of the gas prices we happened to be moving every thing we had from Northern California to Arizona, that included several vehicles that weren’t that great on saving gas.

I don’t mind telling you it was really starting to anger me the amounts of money I was pouring in the fuel tanks at each gas station we stooped at. I had heard about Water4gas type systems that supposedly turned water into what they were calling HHO gas and did a little studying about them but wasn’t ready to give it a try until I had wasted hundreds of dollars on just this one trip.

It really didn’t take that long to learn how to build a HHO generator. The more research I did on this subject the more intrigued I became.

I built my first HHO generator with plans from water4gas and although it did work as promised I thought it could be improved upon so I doubled the windings and wala, an HHO generator that put out 1/3 of a litter of hho gas per minute.

We installed these units on a few cars and actually did see improvement of gas mileage by about 10%, doesn’t sound like much but driving hundreds of miles it adds up.

My experimentation and implementation these Hydrogen on Demand devices has come a long way since then. We now use a very efficient HHO dry cell for our Hydrogen on Demand installations.

The point is : This does work. If you are searching for such information. Everyday, Google registers many searches for terms like “Hydrogen on Demand, “how to run a car on water” “Hydrogen on Demand parts” “hho generator”.

I am not writing this article to brag about my accomplishments with this awesome yet very simple technology but more to let those of you who are thinking of giving it a try know that if you implement the right hydrogen on demand parts on your auto or truck it will save you loads of money.

Do some research and find the right application for your particular project. Stay away from those that tell you that their hho parts are a “one size fits all application”. And most of all have some fun with this, it really is fun to experiment with this hho stuff.