Hypnosis Cds Promote Learning and Studying


When you have many courses to study or one thing to learn that is very important, anxiety and stress can interfere with learning and retension of knowledge. Hypnosis cds are an economical way to help improve your learning. Hypnosis cds promote visualizing the learning without the negative consequence of failure. This success visualization promotes a success belief.


Beliefs start as ideas and images. If negative ideas and beliefs increase so the positive beliefs are unable to take root in the mind, negative beliefs will develop and promote a negative reality.


I had a client who was failing Spanish. She wanted to learn it and was motivated to study. However, past experiences of failure taught her that she could not succeed in Spanish. She was very smart and felt very defeated in Spanish while getting a’s in other classes. She felt blocked when learning Spanish.


Her past experience taught her that she would fail in Spanish. She dreaded Spanish class and requested help. I made her hypnosis cds to increase her confidence, develop belief regarding being successful in learning Spanish. She was guided to visualize her success and her a’s in Spanish in her hypnosis cds. Because the cd’s could be used every day two or three times, the positive beliefs began to take root in the garden of her mind. The beautiful success beliefs blossomed and bore fruit. She felt happy and more spontaneous in class.


Another person wanted to learn French for an upcoming vacation to Quebec. She studied and felt overwhelmed. She used the hypnosis cds to help her to relax and to give more attention to the French. She succeeded with hypnosis cds and felt that she could converse enough to enjoy her vacation.


Another client was studying to pass a CDL driving license. He had failed the test due to the air brakes and was determined to be successful as a trucker. He used hypnosis cds and passed the test. He had a lot of stress before hypnosis and was overwhelmed by negative beliefs. By changing his mental programming with the hypnosis cds, he succeeded.


You give very little attention to your thoughts most of the time. When you relax, you can look at your thoughts and beliefs more closely. You can reprogram the most important computer which is your mind by using hypnosis cds. You would be very careful when entering data into a computer, but your mind is the most important computer. It controls your destiny. Take charge, and use nosis cds to help you to direct your life.