I Want to Drive a Motor Boat in Canada, What Are the Formalities?

For several Canadians, driving motor powered watercrafts is a well-liked recreational activity. Powered watercraft implies any private watercraft, recreational boat, sailing watercraft, motor boat, or any other watercraft that is equipped with a motor. In Canada, all operators of powered watercrafts that are employed for recreational purposes are mandated to have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Typically referred to as a boating license, the Pleasure Craft Operator Card is basically a ‘Competency Card.’ It is proof that a motor boat owner is competent to operate the boat safely. There are no exemptions with acquiring the Pleasure Craft Operator Card concerning age, engine size, or the size of boat. Motor boat operators are essential by law to maintain their proof of age and their Pleasure Craft Operator Card with them when they are on the boat. The penalty for driving a powered watercraft with no a Pleasure Craft Operator Card is $ 250.00 plus provincial administrative charges. Enforcement of this law is the responsibility of peace officers such as the RCMP and Conservation Officers.

People can get their Pleasure Craft Operator Card by taking and effectively passing a 36 numerous option exam. There are private organizations that supply classes to aid individuals prepare for the exam as well as administer the exam. To pass the test, applicants have to get a score of at least 75%. Once they pass the test, they will get their personal nontransferable Pleasure Craft Operator Card which is great for life. Non-Canadian residents need to have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card if they operate a motor boat for a lot more than 45 consecutive days. As properly, their state or nation boating license equivalent may possibly be considered as proof of competency.

There are a number of methods to prepare for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card exam. They contain: obtaining Residence Study Guide, Property Study Guide CD-ROM, taking an On the internet Secure Boating Course, or taking a Classroom Course. Each and every approach is recognized and approved by Transport Canada. The courses contain: guidelines and regulations relating to boating in Canada, equipping a watercraft properly, safe boat operation such as passenger safety, understanding navigational equipment, maintaining the watercraft and its equipment appropriately and safely, how to respond correctly in a boating emergency, and responding to distress calls.

To take the Pleasure Craft Operator Card exam, men and women will have to spend a charge of $ 49.95 plus GST The cost consists of a Temporary Operator Card Slip provided immediately upon passing the exam. The permanent non transferable card will be sent to the recipient’s home a couple of weeks right after passing the exam. You can take the official Transport Canada accredited exam on the private organization’s web site. There are also exams held at certified affiliate areas across Canada.

Boating is an activity enjoyed by several Canadians. It is a great way to bond with household and friends and it is an excellent way to minimize stress. With so numerous boating opportunities offered across the country, it just tends to make sense to participate in this entertaining activity. Receiving a Pleasure Craft Operator Card is important to starting your boating adventure.