Ideas For You To Go Eco-friendly Inside A Great Home

Going green in a house you don’t own is harder than in one you do, but that shouldn’t detract you at all. If you really want to support the environment, this article will tell you how to do it. Make better use of Energy. This will reduce both your carbon blueprint and your power bill! The best changes you can make here are CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) and reducing vampire power usage. CFLs help by lasting longer and using a lot less power, compared to conventional light bulbs. The more lights in your house you replace, the better of you (and the planet) will be.

Vampire power usage happens when devices are turned off, but still wasting some power from the mains. Things like your TV set, phone charger or laptop power adapter can do this, while offering little or no benefits. You are better off plugging them out, thus reducing the wear and tear on them and any fire hazard, should they malfunction when you’re not home. You can save around 10% on your power bill if you fix this issue in your home. Air heating and cooling. This can also save some power costs. Doors and window sealing is the key here, as they increase thermal efficiency. For cooling, consider getting a ceiling fan, not just an AC unit. Ceiling fans are more efficient, more environment friendly, and the wooden models they can also give your home that nice retro look.

Use your water better. Two ideas here are low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators. Cutting your shower time in half or reducing water used in the kitchen might be quite hard, but you can achieve these things by default, if you just install more efficient shower heads or aerators. Washing vegetables with an aerator will also reduce water consumption a lot. In case you use a dishwasher, you can make things more efficient by only running it at full load. Dishwashers use the same amount of water and power to complete a wash cycle, whether full or empty, so it paays to only run them when full. Do this for your laundry machine as well, for best results.

Grow! There are several plants you can easily grow indoors, for instance lettuce. Once lettuce is grown you can repeatedly trim off the top 1/3 off the plant, to add to your salad. The lettuce is not affected, it will grow right back for another trim. Peppers and other spices can also be grown indoors with great results. Check out aeroponics or subirrigation boxes, to make growing a breeze. Subirrigation grow boxes grow plants better and easier than plant pots, and they are also a cool DIY project that men can enjoy as well. You can even make organic compost close to, or inside your home. Modern compost bins are able to do their job with no odors leaking out whatsoever.

Recycle. Your building either has recycling service or it doesn’t. If it does, just start using it. If not, talk to other tenants and the landlord about getting it. If getting recycling in your building is not an option, talk to neighbors from other buildings about using their recycling bins. Switch from plastic bags to biodegradable ones. Less plastic waste will help the environment a lot, on the long run. Finally, try to switch to organic bedding and organic towels if possible. Add hemp, wood, bamboo or stone in your rooms. They will turn your place less into a house and more into a home.

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