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Analysis Modern layout of the multimedia classroom equipment needs more and more, including Projector , Electric screen, computer, video display stand, audio and so on. In order that the operation of complex multimedia devices become simplified, intelligent, common practice is to use existing multimedia Central control System (the control) to connect these devices, controlled by the centralized control, for example, teachers can easily switch the microphone input or play computer audio data can be achieved through the control system of each classroom multimedia equipment, remote monitoring and management. Of course, such a network to the classroom to facilitate the provision of other applications for open space.

In addition, Campus radio Is essential in schools in the world. Traditional analog set up special campus radio broadcast channel, will broadcast the signal to introduce classroom, into the power amplifier power amplifier, and then into Speaker Play. This broadcasting system delay is small, a good number of terminals simultaneously. However, it uses low frequency, less susceptible to interference; need to set up specialized radio circuits, high cost, impact on campus appearance, system expansion and poor; hard to achieve high-fidelity audio signals.

Traditional classroom need to install two systems: the control system, connect a variety of multimedia equipment; broadcasting system, including the audio decoder, amplifier, speakers. The two systems are independent of each other, can not be linked, if you want to control the system in the broadcasting system for audio output and switch between the audio output, you need to manually re-amplified to change the wiring. This greatly increased the difficulty of teaching staff in the operation, but also increase the management and maintenance more difficult. In addition, the audio decoder and the controller requires its own distribution network, IP address, also led to a waste of network resources.

Analog broadcasting in order to solve these problems, using TCP / IP network Technology The audio signal to form IP packet protocol for transmission on the network technology has been developed. iDste embedded multimedia, broadcasting integrated intelligent control system is to use TCP / IP network technology to MP3 format audio data stream sent out, and then receives a special decoding device, decoding device and then to the MP3 audio stream into audio decode signal, and then sent to power amplifier power amplifier, and then into sound box.

IDste embedded multimedia, radio integration control?? To bring fresh and practical effect of the user
[HC Education Network with plans] [HC Education Network with plans] IDste embedded networked multimedia, radio, control integration is an integrated digital broadcasting in the control system. The system can be directly received from the network to decode the audio stream and then restore the speech signal, so no longer need a special decoder. This not only removed a special audio decoder, reduce costs, will also broadcast the signal connected to the central control system, to the broadcast signal only as an audio input in the control of the effect of enabling broadcasters and other audio input linkage to facilitate the switch. Since all of the audio input through the control of centralized control and then enter, amplifiers also can be fixed then in control of the audio output on the. As in the combined control system and broadcasting system, you can use the same system to manage all the equipment, monitoring and maintenance, which also reduces the campus facilities management and monitoring difficult, greatly reducing maintenance costs. Compared to analog broadcasting, the integration of digital broadcasting has good scalability, can be arbitrarily extended to the campus where any IP network.

For compatibility with traditional analog broadcasting, iDste multimedia, broadcast integration control system also allows direct access to analog broadcast signals in the control, in order to achieve analog broadcasting and other input to the control of the audio interaction capabilities. This ensures that the school’s investment in traditional analog broadcasts, the school also the role of the analog broadcast an emergency backup equipment to use in order to net the case of paralysis can still use the radio. BOLA TANGKAS