If You Love Fast Food, Be Prepared To Face The Consequences!

I am dedicating this article to the most dangerous and potential toxin, that we are exposing our little children to… which is, toxins in the body from the food they love.

What is food? Food is any substance that offers nourishment when had in liquid or solid form. It offers energy and all the vital elements to add protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, etc, and thus help promote growth. Thus food is important for our body and we survive on food. Would you feed your child poisonous food like Aconitum juice, or food made any part of the plant? Or a food made from Adenium? Or Asparagus berries? The answer is ‘Never’. Food is for health, and not for derangement of health.

If we are so conscious about the health of our family and little ones, how did we over look the chemicals that went abundant into the food that our kids loved and yielded to any midnight? We probably turned a blind eye since it tasted good! All the Burgers and the fast good as well as crackers like chips, that we often indulge in and that kids love has a dangerous level of MSG added leading to accumulation of dangerous level of toxins in the body. What is MSG? Is it a food or additive adding nutrient to your food? MSG is nothing but Monosodium Glutamate, which is a non-essential amino acid. It is used in food to enhance the taste.

For long MSG has been accused for causing toxins in the body, leading to a number of ill effects to the body and brain, its development. Study and research by various health experts explain why the children of the modern times are showing ailments that were almost close to rare in the olden times. The rise in cases of ADHD has bewildered and stunned the medical world. Further more cases of autism have also shown a sharp rise.

ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is a behavioral disorder that has neurological developmental causative factor. The child suffers from hyperactivity and also lack of attention. It is a psychiatric disorder mostly found in school children. A group of medical researchers relate ADHD with the ill effects of MSG that caused improper brain development. MSG is almost addictive. It has a property to enhance the taste as well as cause increase in appetite. So someone who is having food or chips which is commonly laced with MSG is bound to love it and seek more. MSG if added in quantity can even lead epileptic convulsions and even death in canines.

Thus it is always advisable to keep yourself away from the potentially harmful MSG containing food. Since the trans-placental barrier is not as much developed in the 1st trimester of pregnancy, having such harmful fast food can cause harm to the developing features too. Glutamate not only stimulates speedy growth in the brain but It also destroys neurons which is one of the main causes of Autism.

Attractive and palatability, and easy fill are sure selling points, but these are harmful accumulating toxins in the body, and are likely to cause irreversible and irreparable damage. BOLA TANGKAS
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