If You Want Powerful Kicks This Cheap Training Device Is The Way To Go

If you’re a fanatic like me, then you want powerful kicks that can knock a moose on its tail. Sure, spin jumping Taekwondo kicks are great, but I want to lift that mugger’s body up and send it sailing. Period.

I’ve looked at a ton of training aids over the years, and some work, some don’t, some are expensive, but none of them has worked as well as the good old basic training aid you can pick up for a buck or two down at the orchard supply store. The training aid is fairly compact, and can be replaced quickly and easily should it break. The training aid I am speaking of is the basic eight by eight by sixteen cinder block.

First exercise is to simply kick over the block. The reason you do this is to train yourself to get your knee high, which will allow you to drive a straighter line into your opponent’s belly. You can easily stack the cinder blocks for different heights, and you can place them so you have to kick over them to strike a kicking bag.

Second exercise is to stand on the cinderblock and do your kicks. This is going to build balance, and strength in the balancing leg. It is fun to practice kicking in the four directions, and trains you to pivot quickly and easily.

Third exercise, you can put out four blocks in a square and start doing your forms on them. You can go around and around the blocks, reverse your direction, hop on and off, and your legs are going to get stronger and stronger and super stronger. Obviously, you’re not going to have just powerful kicks, your stances and other movements are going to get more powerful.

Here are a couple of things you should know about training on cinder blocks. Make sure you learn how to lift your legs up and search for a landing place, should the block fall over. Also, start with them on side, practice a while, then stand them on end.

A cinder block weighs twenty-nine pounds. That means you can use them to do a little weight lifting. You can also, should you feel the urge, test your power by smashing them with a kick or punch.

In closing, cinder blocks are the cheapest training device available, and they can be used in many ways. There are many different things you can do, which things are all basic and relate directly to increasing your strength and agility. Guaranteed, practice with these cheapo aids for a while and you will have fantastically powerful kicks!