If You Want To Get Him Back After A Breakup – Tell Your Ex Boyfriend Goodbye And Good Luck!

You never dreamed this could happen to you. You had always thought he was someone you could trust. But, he did not even have the courage to tell you he was breaking up with you face to face. But, he took the easy way out, he sent an email saying he had to take a break from your relationship. Your ex boyfriend  might be a coward, but he is not a fool.

He knew that doing it face to face would be more of a problem. You would have created a scene and cried and begged for him to change his mind. By sending an email, he was avoiding the argument and accusations. In his mind, this was the best way to keep from hurting you more than necessary. But it still is devastating to you and your heart is just as broken.

No matter how much you want to talk to him, leave him alone for a while. Now is no time to pressure him for the reason he dumped you. He might tell you some things you do not want to hear and you will be hurt even more. The best way to find the reason for the breakup is to look inside yourself. By doing that, you will remember things you did that irritated him. To get your ex boyfriend back, you will need to remedy your faults. This is not to say that you are solely to blame for the breakup.

The best way to get the man you love back, is to let him go for now. Drop out of sight for a few weeks and forget his phone number and email address. He does not want you to be in contact with him right now, so respect his wishes. Give him a chance to experience his life without you. Given the time and space to think, he will realize what he is giving up.

Another thing to consider is that he might have been falling too much in love with you. This is why he sent an email instead of telling you face to face. In this case your guy really does need a break. He has a big decision to make and wants time to be sure. But, you cannot wait around forever. After a few weeks of giving him plenty of time and space, you have to bring things to a head.

Give your ex boyfriend a call and find out where the relationship stands. This will not be easy for you, but do not cry at the sound of his voice. You have to remain calm. Simply tell him that after a lot of thought, you see the breakup is for the best. Wish him good luck and goodbye. This will make him see he is losing you, and if he loves you, he will come running.