Imagine Dubai – People are loving to enjoy Dubai

You must have seen and heard about DUBAI tourism, this article is none the less a small endeavor about Dubai tourism, which says how Dubai has been regarded the top tourist destination of the world.

Dubai has been designed after huge planning by Trump organizations, who are still interested in building more projects like Dubai in the region. Trump peoples want to capture the world’s tourism market.

Have you imagined how this country really has changed..? Emirates airlines has played a good role as they now have 80 flights to direct destinations from Dubai… making it convenient for peoples.

Dubai hotels and apartments are the most beautifully furnished in the world today. If you think this 5 star living, it’s more than the 5 star living per day in your cities like New York, Washington etc.

Hotels have many activities for you! From your golfing to your watering, from your eating to your skiing, it has things you don’t expect in the livings.

Then the beautiful beaches are a wonderful way to take sunlight.

Dubai is amazingly developed with concerns for tourist, and their tourism industry has grown fastest.

I want to take few names, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, Ski Dubai, Burj Alam, Dubai Shopping mall, Dubai Internet City, Atlantis hotel, Palm Jumeirah and World Island.

In the end, if you have not visited Dubai for more than 10 years, it’s going to be your most adventurism tour.
Meeting and discussion with the dancers of Perles d’ailleurs
Come celebrate Indian dance! In its second year, Perles d’ailleurs, Festival Accès Asie`s feature international arts component, will continue Montreal`s Asian Heritage Month celebrations. This four-day extravaganza of discovery and exchange features an exciting program of performances, meetings, and dance workshops from Thursday, May 25th to Sunday, May 28th 2017.

This year's international arts component includes three main events. First, as proposed by Sarah Hubert de Margerie, on Thursday, May 25th at 8 pm at Gesù – Centre de créativité, the American dancer Colleena Shakti and the Montreal prodigy Tanveer Alam will present the performance Perles d’ailleurs highlighting an array of dances from India.

Sure to be an engaging experience, participants will have an occasion to meet with the artists. Colleena Shakti and Tanveer Alam will be onsite for this special event on Friday, May 26th from 5 pm to 7 pm at Gesù – Centre de créativité.

Perles d’ailleurs will wrap up Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28th with a series of Indian dance workshops that fuse the traditional and the contemporary led by dancer Colleena Shakti. Don't miss an opportunity to learn from this great international artist.