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Last week, the end of the callback Zheng sugar trend of price rise steadily, and gradually approaching the pre-high. The author believes that Zheng sugar can quickly adjust the end of a pickup, not groundless, but there are due to follow.

Sugar is expected in August Sell Data is quite good

The main sales areas from sugar sales in August of view, the overall sales of sugar better than some time ago. I understand the situation from the point of view, sales are very popular in some parts of sugar, and even individual districts have emerged shortage. Sugar sales were good for the following main reasons, first, 7? August is the hottest weather in most parts of the period, the weather hot and cold stimulated demand, driving the sugar consumption, sugar purchase a large number of businesses have increased the number of shows continued growth. Second is the “Double” around the corner, holiday preparation in full swing at this stage of sugar, but this time is undoubtedly the peak of sugar, many businesses have also begun to improve the operating rate, based on this factor should also use the sugar will continue to increase. In addition, food processing industry should also take into account the more developed regions, these areas of business needs on a regular basis in accordance with the general procurement of sugar, this phase of the procurement initiative is also very high. The third is from the law point of view, food production and consumption of sugar has a significant seasonal. Basically there are two sugar every year peak: one is the New Year, Chinese New Year peak season of consumption; the other is July to September each year’s summer peak period and beverage consumption Mid-Autumn Festival Section. As the summer season to stimulate consumption, Carbonated beverages , Juice Drinks and frozen Drinks Production at the end of July early August are at their peak, while the candy, cakes and Can The output will be a substantial increase in August, especially cakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival factors, pastries monthly production reached a peak in September. Thus, while the August futures market has experienced ups and downs of Zheng sugar market, but did not affect the hot sugar.

Market-frequency blow “hypoglycemia” wind

Recently, “the late crop season will be a shortage of sugar supply, sugar is not enough to sell” argument is sugar Shangwang spread everywhere. There have been reports, producing large group is not much stock left, it is difficult to maintain the new crop season started, it is reluctant sellers, the resurgence of the phenomenon. It is understood that the main producing areas in Guangxi several large groups have begun to limit sales, other manufacturers followed suit holding sugar, generally evident in the psychological reluctant sellers. Other sales are also subject to infection, which led to the current domestic sugar market reluctant sellers, has become a trend. Because the sugar groups pass on the signal, the gap is expected to increasingly strong market. But the impending shortage of sugar it realistic to say? We may need to seriously think about it, but we can not deny is that these rumors do become a market hype and promote the theme of the short-term price increases.

International Sugar Zheng strong increase on the psychological level of sugar can not be ignored

The international price of sugar after two weeks, after minor adjustments, power up again made a breakthrough, mainly based on the sugar market fundamentals of supply and demand outlook remains good, especially the Indian drought-induced stress is the world’s sugar supply to continue to stimulate new high sugar prices the root cause. At the same time, the overall strength in commodity markets, the rise in sugar prices also played a positive role. Obviously, including soft commodities including sugar in all commodity markets, the fundamentals of the market prospects are the best, the gains really overwhelming. This is undoubtedly the domestic price of sugar tremendous stimulus to the Linkage at home and abroad despite a slight decline, but the international sugar prices caused by strong to Cheng sugar is still the psychological impact can not be ignored.

“Hangzhou sugar will be” more positive comments

8 29, the second held in Hangzhou, China 30 Forum Sugar Economy Sugar City, the current dilemma, and domestic sugar production and marketing in the second half of this year and changes in market prices of sugar started to discuss relevant issues . Vice Chairman Liu Hande Sugar Association of the domestic sugar market is analyzed, he thinks this year is estimated to reach at least 14 million tons consumption, the overall supply balance tight 2008/2009 crop season, and he expects next year’s national flat or a slight increase in sugar production is expected to sugar yield at 12.5 million -1.27 thousand tons and consumption is expected to reach 14.7 million tons, meaning the gap could reach 2 million tons, which requires storage of sugar to make up for by the country. The current spot price for producing the situation, he thinks there is room to rise, up to 4500-4600 yuan / ton is possible. For next year’s price, he thought the price of sugar in 3800? 5000 Yuan / tons. Overall, the conference message is basically a mostly positive remarks. Therefore, on the price is bound to get a boost again. BOLA TANGKAS