Immune System Herbs and Remedies

We are all subject to a cold at sometime during the year, usually in the winter months as the dry cold air incubates the cold and flu virus more effectively. For starters having a strong immune system is the key to stave off the effects of colds and flu, to do this it is best to incorporate immune system herbs to achieve this. But it will be a waste of time and money if your Colon is overloaded with fetal matter.

Self toxicity has to be cleared first, some recommend a colonic irrigation, but I feel this to be unnatural and prefer a natural laxative i.e. a daily whole apple including the skin , (when monkeys eat apples they discard the skin I don’t know why). My favourite are figs. I usually use dried figs and simmer them in hot water for a few minutes and allow cooling. This method produces syrup which is also a natural laxative. Every cell in our bodies is made up from the food we eat, so eat sensibly with lots of fruit and green leafy vegetables, which in themselves are immune system herbs.

Immune Boosters
There are many immune system herbs to choose from but these are some of the popular ones which have been found to be the most effective.

This immunity tonic is an incredible herbal food which raises the body’s resistance to colds and flu. Held in high esteem by the Chinese and recommended by them in many of their medicinal formulas. The herb is sweet tasting and has been used in traditional medicine for the lung, liver and spleen. A liquid tinctures made from the root of the herb, usually available at good health stores and herbal practitioners, may also help to lower blood pressure.

This is the top selling herb in the US and introduced over 100 years ago into the medical world. Its name comes from the Greek word echinos meaning hedgehog due to the hedgehog -like appearance in the central cone of the flower. Echinacea is probably one of the most commonly used herbal extracts. This classical herbal remedy for viral and upper respiratory infections increases the production of white blood cells, lymphocytes and macrophages which are the main factors in defence in the immune system. In Germany, the tincture extract is referred to as ‘resistance drops’, due to its immune stimulating effect. At the onset of a cold take 20 drops of tincture of Echinacea, 2-4b times daily for about 2 weeks. To prevent a cold take three times daily for six weeks, after that desist as it will reduce the immunity and effectiveness.

This herb grows in profusion in the Mediterranean and in China. Its name means “sweet root” and is grown in Europe for its medicinal properties as liquorice reduces inflammation, and is soothing for the lungs because it can ease phlegm and soothe the bronchia, ideal if you are suffering from a chest infection. This herb has shown to have an antibiotic effect against sore throats and can relieve a dry cough consequently it is a good lung tonic. This herb under some circumstances can lead to a rise in blood pressure, so be careful if you have this condition.

Prevention is better than cure, which is the Chinese philosophy.
This list is just a small sample of Immune System herbs…more to follow.