Important Settlements Reached In Two Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Bone Fractures

Attorneys who deal with motor vehicle accidents are often approached by people who suffered bone fractures in an accident. It is not uncommon to locate that these victims also suffered other injuries in addition to bone fractures. The type of impact that can outcome in a bone fracture can also result in other serious, even life-threatening injuries. This write-up analyzes two case reports of motor automobile accidents which resulted in fracture injuries.

This motor vehicle accident occurred as a male pedestrian was out walking his dog alongside a road that did not have a sidewalk. Multiple injuries resulted from the accident which includes an ankle fracture as nicely as a rupture of the spleen. His spleen rupture triggered very heavy bleeding internally and as a result the 57 year old male victim had to start undergoing dialysis. It is anticipated that the victim will require dialysis for the rest of his life unless he is in a position to get a kidney transplant, for which he is a candidate. The law firm that represented the victim in this case was in a position to report that it was able to get a $ two.five million settlement for the victim.

This motor car accident happened in an intersection. A automobile that improperly entered the intersection slammed into the passenger side of yet another car that was appropriately in the intersection. Seating in the front passenger seat of the automobile that was struck was a 44 year old woman. The accident left her with many fractured ribs, a fractured clavicle, a fractured pelvis, a lacerated bladder, and closed-head trauma. The cost of her healthcare remedy for accident associated injuries came to about $ 85,000. The accident left her unable to return to her job where she had operate in the capacity of an administrative assistant producing $ 18,700 a year. Offered her life expectancy, this implies she had $ 600,000 in loss of earning capacity. The law firm that handled the case reported that they were in a position to obtain for the victim a settlement of $ 1.1 million (on best of which they also secured $ 36,000 from the personal injury protection portion of the motor vehicle insurance coverage policy).

The victim in one of the cases above was a pedestrian and in the other case the victim was a passenger. But each of the motor automobile accident cases discussed above involved a number of serious injuries to the victims – injuries which left them with permanent troubles. Each victims required in depth health-related therapy and incurred significant medical expenses. At least one particular of the victims will almost certainly continue to demand healthcare treatment for the rest of his life. 1 of the victims suffered a loss of earning capacity.


At times insurance coverage businesses act as although there are simple formulas for calculating the settlement worth of case where each and every type of injury is worth a particular quantity occasions spent in medical treatment is worth so significantly per day, per week, per month a permanent partial disability has a particular worth based on the element of the physique involved and the percentage of partial disability. So, you take all the injuries, calculate the value of each and every, sum all the values collectively, then add the cost for health-related or connected treatment, and any lost wages or loss of income the insurance coverage company adjuster believes is related directly to the injuries from the accident, and you have the settlement value for the case.

Sadly, it is by no means that effortless. Attorneys seasoned at handling situations involving catastrophic injuries comprehend that there are many variables, even some which go beyond the injuries themselves, which want to be considered in determining regardless of whether to accept a settlement provide or take the case to trial. It is then up to the lawyer to prepare the case sufficiently so that the insurance business adjuster will comprehend the threat the insurance coverage organization faces if below calculates the worth of the case and requires it to trial.