Improve Labels with More ?Social? Features

Everybody nowadays is becoming more social because of all the online buzz about Facebook and Twitter. It has really changed the whole market place today, and most other industries are trying to see if they can become more “social” with their markets. In terms of label printing for business, you should also try to follow these trends and make your custom labels more social.

Let me teach you how this is done. Below are special steps that you can follow to improve your labels with more “social features”. This should let you interact with your potential markets in a more powerful way, helping you succeed in any project that you want through your color labels.

• Creating more social designs – The first step to a more “social” label is of course adapting a more social design. A “social” design is not necessarily a beautiful or innovative design. A social design is a custom label layout that interacts with people in a more direct and targeted manner.

Let me illustrate. For example, color labels meant to attract men mostly, should be typically designed in a direct manner with a simply layout and simple colors. This is because men tend to focus on the main content of the color labels first.

In contrast, creating color labels for women needs a bit more detail since many women are more analytical of information. This is especially true for product labels, wherein you will want to create a label design that is both impressive and informative.

While of course these are simple examples, they should illustrate how your labels can be more social and targeted with its readers. By providing or communicating the right kinds of themes and interesting in the design, the label can connect and “socialize” in a sense to readers on that level, helping it succeed in its job.

• Composing more social text content – Beyond the main design theme, the text content of the label itself should actually be composed in such a way that it is more social to people. Content must actually not be perfect at all times. Sometimes, a more specific kind of style or choice of words can add more personality and distinction in a label design.

For example, the expression “LOL” or “FTW” are used online to denote a reaction of fun or praise. While not typically used in printed media, you can use these words in your own color labels to make them connect to the more modern generation online. This adds that special social language aspect into your labels, that I guarantee will instantly get reader attention. So try to see if you can integrate any kind of special social text content to improve your labels.

• Adding label social adaptability – Finally, most social interactions are of course dynamic and constantly changing. If you want your color ;abels to be more social, you must also try to adapt it regularly to changing market or social environments. So do not just continue printing the same color labels after making it almost perfect. Always get feedback and reactions from readers themselves so that you will know what to improve and what to let go in label printing. This interactive feedback with the audience or even the sample audience can mean a lot really, helping you improve your label prints a lot more.

So what are you waiting for? Try to improve your color labels now! Integrate all these social elements into your label printing. Good Luck!

Steve J. Perkins is a specialist of printing and is also a graphic designer. He is dedicated in the printing industry and continues to support the developments in the field of marketing.

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