Improving office productivity in five steps

Do you want to increase productivity in the office? Here are five steps that could help you achieve your targets.

1. First of all, make sure the technology that you have in the office is up to the job. In some instances, old, faulty or slow technology could be having a significant detrimental impact on your business. You may be holding off due to how expensive it would be to upgrade everything, but with quicker equipment, productivity levels should rise dramatically and could more than compensate for your initial outlay costs. Alternatively, why not just update your technology in stages to ease the financial burden.

2. One of the most common ways time gets wasted in the office is through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. If you suspect your employees are neglecting their duties to chat to friends or post amusing anecdotes online, then it’s something that you need to put a stop to. Warnings for excessive users could be your first step, but don’t be afraid to introduce sterner rules if your warnings go unheeded.

3. Bad communication is one of the biggest problems that companies face, especially where different departments should be working together for a common cause. Introduce regular meetings for departmental heads, then encourage department meetings to filter things through. That way, everyone in the company will be singing on the same hymn sheet and have a better idea of how other departments operate. They may even identify ways in which they can help each other.

4. A flexible approach to working hours may help improve office productivity, especially if many of your staff have long commutes to work. Staff who spend the first two hours of their day in traffic are unlikely to show the enthusiasm and productivity levels you demand, particularly if the journey could take half that time after 9. Shifts that run 8-4.30 or 10-6.30 could help you get a little more from your team.

5. One of the simplest things that can have a bearing on how effective your team are performing can be the range of office products and stationery that you have in stock. Not having enough A4 paper, printer and photocopier toner, post-it notes, note-pads and pens could all have a negative impact on productivity, while white boards, filing cabinets and folders could all be introduced to improve organisation.

All you need to do is make a list of all the office supplies and office stationery you’re going to need and find a suitable supplier that can provide what you’re looking for.