Improving Your Camera Phone Pictures With 5 Digital Photography Tips

At the early time when digital cameras were first integrated into mobile phones, which was considered to be a gimmick as these kinds of cameras providedvery low resolution and poor quality images. As a result, the promise of video calling, where you can see the picture of the person whom you are speaking to and vice versa has not become a mainstream way of communicating.


Now however, the cameras that can be found in mid priced camera phones are comparable with mid range digital cameras, providing a resolution of five megapixels or above and offering image improvement and enhancement through the built in software.


We have five tips to help you take good pictures with your camera phone.


Camera Lens

If you are going to use your mobile phone as your main digital camera the best advice is to make sure that the lens is of a good quality as two phones with the same resolution will not necessarily take the same quality pictures. For example Nokia N Series has improved optical elements when compared to other Nokia mobiles.



A good flash can help improve your photographs, even when there is good natural light. Most camera phones have the option to force the flash to fire, overriding the built in settings and this can help illuminate your picture. Conversely if you are getting a white glare from the flash use the setting to turn it off for that photograph. Many camera phones also have a built in red eye removal feature for taking pictures of people.


Auto Focus

Make sure the auto focus feature is turned on and that you use face recognition if supported and you are taking photos of people. Many camera phones will have an extended digital zoom feature which in reality dos not improve the picture and can cause wobble and distortion. If possible turn this feature off. You may not be able to zoom in quite as close to the subject but the picture you take should be clearer.


Specialist Settings

Although it is perfectly possible to point and shoot to take a picture, your camera phone may have built in presets for example a night mode. It is worth spending a little time exploring the menu and using these settings where they are available as the camera should be then optimised for the picture you are taking.


Make use of other built in features

Many camera phones have features that enable you to take a panoramic shot by combining a number of different photographs, or to take several shots in quick succession to capture fast moving images. It is a good idea to try these out in advance of needing them so you do not miss the perfect picture when the time comes to take it.