In Figure Skating, Training to Music Can Make All the Difference

In figure skating, music is part of the routine, and it helps us capture the essence and the flow of the art. If done correctly it can wow the judges and the crowd, creating an emotional moment that no one will ever forget. And boy does it look good on video and TV. Still, figure skaters make it look easy in competition, but it is far from an easy sport. It takes years and years of training and practice to operate at that precision level. It takes strong legs and strong muscles, the kind of normal people don’t even know exist.

Of course, every figure skater knows they exist, because they ache after every practice and sometimes when you go to bed at night your legs shake and you get muscle cramps and wake out of a deep sleep screaming and grabbing your leg, trying to bend your toes back to stop your calf muscles from ripping off the bone. That’s something that the fans have ever seen and don’t understand. But every athlete, every figure skater knows.

With all this grueling pain, agony, and the setbacks that come with injury due to the fact that you are working under extreme conditions and asking your body to do things that human bodies were never designed for, it is amazing how many great Olympic figure skaters come from the United States and take top billing and gold medals and bring them back home.

Getting through those years of practice isn’t easy, but training to music can help. When a figure skater is in the zone they float across the ice as their bodies flow in perfect harmony with the music, it is a real and alive human sculpture in motion, dancing to the music and skating across the perfect ice. Gosh, I wish you could understand the emotion, the feelings, the energy, the crowds, the judges, the training, and of course the music. Please consider all this.