Incontinence Pads and Liners For Men

Incontinence pads and liners made specifically for the male body can give men outstanding protection, confidence, and security.

Flat beltless disposable: this style of disposables, sometimes also referred to as shields or guards, are made of special absorbent material with a waterproof, nonwoven backing and are designed to be worn inside underwear. Many are manufactured with a special inner material that traps wetness as a gel and keeps skin dry. Most incontinence pants and briefs for men have a special pocket or pouch to hold disposable shields, which makes changing easy and convenient.  Many shields also have adhesive strips, which makes it possible to use them with regular underwear, but men who are very active may find that very snug fitting underwear is necessary to keep the pad from shifting. For men with occasional or light incontinence, disposable pads can be an affordable, efficient, and discreet solution.

Shaped disposable: also designed to be worn under stretch briefs or regular underwear, these pads are specifically shaped for men and give maximum protection in the front, where spots and leakage is most likely to occur. Shaped disposables are available in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels, and many find that they offer both comfort and confidence.

Belted disposable pads: these are larger pads that cover the body in both back and front. They attach to a belt, which can be worn under special briefs, waterproof pants, or ordinary underwear. A waterproof backing and shaped, elasticized leg openings help contain moisture and prevent leaking, and the pads are available in many absorbency levels. The pads can be changed without completely removing outer garments, which makes them a good choice for people with limited mobility. Many find that this type of pad, worn together with waterproof pants, offers reliable protection for moderate or even heavy incontinence. They can also be a solution for situations when it is difficult or impossible to visit a bathroom frequently.

Disposable liners: like belted disposables, these are large enough to cover the body in both front and back. Made of absorbent material with a waterproof backing, they are available in both flat and shaped styles and are meant for wear under stretch briefs, waterproof pants, or ordinary underwear. They add more bulk under clothing than pads, but are less bulky than full adult diapers. Because they can easily be layered with additional pads for longer-lasting protection, these may be a good choice for heavier incontinence or for extended wear periods, when changing would be difficult.

Adult diapers: the largest and most protective among pads and liners, adult diapers are cut to offer maximum coverage. They are available as both disposables and reusables, and are generally worn under waterproof pants. They come in both pull-up and open-side styles that close with tapes, and are solid in a variety of absorbency levels that can give discreet daytime confidence or secure overnight protection. Many find that layering adult diapers with additional liners and/or pads gives a lot of flexibility for varying situations. Adult diapers tend to be somewhat more bulky than other options and layering can add to that, but the ability to add more absorbent layers make adult diapers a good choice for people with heavy incontinence or for extended wear periods.