Increase The Power Of Your Punch

Power is very important to the practitioners of karate, kung fu, and taekwondo. If you are one of them, then probably you are wondering how to increase the power of your punch. Moreover, if a weight lifter wants to lift more weights then, you as a martial artist certainly desire to hit harder than the others. However, there are several techniques which you need to follow in order to increase the power of your punch.

Training in various martial art styles may greatly help you in improving your punching power. Each of the style offers different techniques regarding on how to improve your power. One style may have greater advantage than the other one. When you practice more than one martial art style, certainly you’re ability to increase the power of your chance is greater. However, it always depends on the efforts and motivations that you are willing to exert.

Never focus on developing big bulky muscles. Having big useless muscles will give you a difficulty on hitting hard. Moreover, these kinds of muscles will certainly slow you down, in each attack that you are going to execute. As you have observed, martial artist with great punching power doesn’t have so much of that bulky muscles. If you really want to develop a muscle which can help you execute a more powerful punch, then you better follow Bruce Lee. As you have seen, Lee is slim but his muscles are already good enough to knock down his enemies. Certainly, size doesn’t matter when it comes to martial arts.

Hitting stronger objects may also help you to increase your punching power. You should practice your hands to hit objects stronger than human muscles. This way, you are making your hands get use to hitting hard objects. As you hit the stronger objects, the more power you can gain subsequently. As time goes by, you won’t even notice that the power of your punch is greatly increased.

Lastly, never forget to stretch your muscles. Stretching your muscles is the key to produce a powerful punch. As you stretch your muscles it becomes flexible. The flexible your muscle is, the easier to use it. If you manage to improve the flexibility of your muscles it will be easier for you to attack your opponent using your maximum power. As you have observed, famous martial artists never forgot to stretch their muscles before they start their training. Make sure that your muscles are flexible enough before you start hitting someone. However, having a powerful punch is not enough to take down your opponent. Make sure that your tactics are also perfected before you start attacking your opponent.