Increased Distance and Consistency Mizuno F-60 Fairway Wood

The Mizuno F-60 fairway woods produce an effortlessly powerful ball flight, attainable through the combination of an ultra-lightweight titanium crown and stainless steel body. Previously difficult to bond, the titanium crown is affixed to the high-tech precision stainless steel face and body through a patented new brazing process.


The Mizuno F-60 fairway wood‘s ultra thin titanium crown and high-tech precision stainless steel face and body create a low, deep CG (center of gravity) for ideal trajectory and ease of launch. Caltech technology utilizes three variable face thickness areas to generate high initial ball velocity for consistent and accurate distance control. The increased face area and overall head shape deliver confidence at address and solid contact swing after swing, all with an elegant, traditional club head appearance with player preferred shape.


The brazing process which uses a 3rd material to bond the two metals allows weight to be positioned very low in the club head. The technology replaces Mizuno’s previous graphite crown / steel body combination which required a heavier bonding material. Mizuno engineers found that by using this lightweight titanium crown, which is only 3% of the total weight of the club head, they could strategically reposition the COG to enable players to launch the ball with greater ease and increased control. In addition, the Mizuno F-60 fairway woods feature Mizuno’s CORTECH face design, which utilizes three multi-thickness areas to ensure uniform face deflection and a thin responsive face to generate high initial ball velocity for increased distance and consistency.


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